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I need a camera crew

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DTERMINED2SURVIV posted 3/8/2014 07:34 AM

OMG im so frustrated right now. Fws and I had the dumbest argument ever last night! I wish had a camera crew so I could just play back all of his arguments with him telling me how I dont care about him, im not there for him, or I dont support him. Its all bullshit. True, I may be a bitch from time to time because of a LOT of built up anger and frustration. Never once though have I not been there for him when he's needed me, never not supported his dreams (in fact did everything I could to push him towards them) and HE KNOWS I care about him more them ANYTHING! I think he just does this crap to avoid the actual issue.He says those things to try and take my mind off the subject at hand and go into a whole other argument. I just wish he could see what the hell he is doing...Then again im sure he'd say the same for me. I have every right to feel the way that I do because of the things hes done.

Im sure its very common for fws to throw a disagreement off topic to avoid the actual issue...but I hope im not alone here.

Ivyivy posted 3/8/2014 08:00 AM

You are not alone. I have been there and am still there depending on the day. I think it is how WS justify what they did in their own mind.

DTERMINED2SURVIV posted 3/8/2014 08:14 AM

This is an email he just sent me..

"but just wanted to let you know im thinking about you and i love you more than i will ever be able to comprehend. im sorry about the hurtful things i said last night. please forgive me. hope you have a good day. love you"

Pass posted 3/8/2014 09:17 AM

but just wanted to let you know im thinking about you and i love you more than i will ever be able to comprehend

To quote my 13-year-old, "What an ass-wagon!"

Just try to comprehend it, arsehole. Just a little effort, that's all.

DTERMINED2SURVIV posted 3/8/2014 09:20 AM

Lol I caught that too, When I first read it, I read it as..."more then you'll ever be able to comprehend"...

Makes maybe a little more sense that way.

I am happy though that he did take the time out to apologize the best he could least he realizes he was being an "ass-wagon"

MissMouseMo posted 3/8/2014 10:03 AM

Two words: Nanny cam.

(No, not for revenge or I-toldja-so, so you can have a record of what your fights look like, so you can SEE what and how they work - so you can [maybe] repair the problems. Try very, very hard not to become "virtuous" in fighting once you have it. Remain who you were so you can *really* help yourself. It's not about him, not really.)

DTERMINED2SURVIV posted 3/8/2014 10:11 AM

Exactly...I understand that it DOES take TWO people to correctly R. The cam will benefit both of us, if we choose to use it in a constructive manner!!

Im seriously thinking about looking into it....We just started CC and IC counseling, so hopefully that helps the communication and not so being defensive!

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