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more financial baby steps

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inconnu posted 3/8/2014 13:22 PM

I need to get some stuff done to my house in the not-so-distant future, and I need to figure a better way to pay off the credit card debt I've accumulated from, and since, the divorce.

So this morning I opened up accounts (checking and savings) at a local credit union where eventually I hope to get a home equity line of credit. I still have some ducks to get in a row before applying for that, though. But this is the start.

Maybe 2014 will be the year I finally get my shit together, financially speaking.

devistatedmom posted 3/8/2014 13:41 PM

Good for you inconnu. I'm on the same timeline with you trying to get my financial mess in order this year.

In my case, I'm trying to lower some bills, and up my income. I have a line of credit, and my cc's, I just need to get everything to balance since my job is only 10 months, and employment insurance is playing games and denying me on my off months if I work a second job for any part of the year. It's a challenge, but I'm up for it and I have a plan. It's just getting from here to the end without losing the house or watching it fall apart while I get there!

persevere posted 3/8/2014 14:21 PM

My goal is to pay off all of my unsecured debt this year - and I'm going to do it!

Best of luck to you with your goals!!

inconnu posted 3/8/2014 14:23 PM

It's just getting from here to the end without losing the house or watching it fall apart while I get there.

Yeah, it's been a juggling act for me too, and unfortunately I'm more apt to remind myself of the balls I dropped, rather than everything I've accomplished in the past 4-5 years.

And right now I've got this stupid ass squirrel chewing on my house because the eaves/soffits are rotting and need to be replaced, and S.A.S. has decided he wants to live inside my house.

devistatedmom posted 3/8/2014 14:52 PM

ROFL. We really are living the same life. I had a squirrel between my 1st floor ceiling and 2nd floor floor, running back and forth last summer. Drove my dog NUTS! I'm sorry when we evicted him he moved on to you!

fraeuken posted 3/8/2014 15:07 PM

inconnu, good for you. I am a bit ahead of the game but these last two years I did the same as you are doing now and the feeling of waking up with no unsecured debt is just sheer bliss.

I lived with high credit card debt and balance transfers and private loans during my marriage for 17 years. The divorce left me with some assets but also 50K+ in debt. I paid it off in 2 years, using some settlement money and income to just get rid of this black cloud over my head. Now I just have my regular credit card balances I can pay off every month. I am now investing some money into much needed renovations and building up my emergency fund.

You can do it. It takes discipline but it is so worth it!! Good luck to you.

inconnu posted 3/8/2014 15:20 PM

Thanks! Most of my struggle has been getting to the point where I had a live-able income, which I finally do with this latest job that I started at the end of October. I also got the house in the divorce, which is great long-term because it's paid for. But short term it's meant I was house-rich and cash poor. I'm really hoping this year is the year where I can finally get finances under control and heading in the right direction.

Another thing I tend to not give myself credit for, is that 3 years ago I was a sahm and had been for almost 20 years. It's been tough getting to where I have a paycheck that can support not just me, but my kids who live with me. Surprise, surprise, not everyone wants to hire a sahm who was out of the job market so long. So while I may not be where I'd like to be financially, I really am not doing too badly, all things considered.

Sad in AZ posted 3/8/2014 23:13 PM

You've done such a good job, inconnu. You should be proud of yourself.

I need to do the same. Just need to build myself a ladder to get out of the hole I've dug. And stop making stupid decisions. Let me know if you come up with any good strategies.

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