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making sure OW is not pregnant vent

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phoenixrise posted 3/8/2014 22:59 PM

It has been eating away at me for months and I finally got the guts to do the dirty chore of making sure she isn't pregnant with my WH child...took me 6 mos to find courage. Thank God she isn't. I figured I couldn't trust a single thing out of my WH mouth as to whether or not protection was used. Everyone told me he wouldn't be that stupid but I didn't think he would be stupid enough to have an affair either so...I had to complete the dirty chore of checking...but nothing...just her a Whorey face seeking male attention from lots of male admirers it did reopen wounds but I knew I had to do it...I checked with the decision that if she was then it would be a deal sucks that I even have to worry about it!!! Everyone said she would have contacted WH my thought was that maybe she did and if so would he really tell me...and also it would be in her best interest to not say anything then spring child support on him before me...her reaping more benefits from him than me filing second because she knew we were reconciling...sigh...I'm just relieved she isn't I feel I can move just a bit more forward now...what really sucks is that I feel so degraded to even have to do this being mother of his 2 children and wife of 9 years oh wait technically in my eyes 6 mos since he bedded a throw away whore and decided our years and kids together not to mention their mental health were meaningless...just pisses me off beyond belief you know? Thanks alot WH for destroying what was supposed to be the happiest years of our life Thanks for listening

refuz2bavictim posted 3/9/2014 06:54 AM


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