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MyVoice posted 3/9/2014 16:04 PM

Almost two years from D day and my divorce papers were finally stamped in the courts last Friday, now I have to wait one month and one day for it to be official, stupid out dated Aussie laws. Seriously you have to be separated for one year before you can apply for a divorce, then you have to wait one month and wait for itÖ ĎOne dayí for it to be official?? Blah, whatever.

Once I made up my mind it was over I thought the rest was just paper work, in my mind the marriage became obsolete on D day and I didnít need a rubber stamp to confirm that. I only bothered with the divorce because the guy Iím going out with didnít like the fact I was still married.

Turns out I was wrong, now the divorce is happening Iím actually really excited and I do feel different, in a very good, empowering way

Williesmom posted 3/9/2014 16:38 PM

It is empowering. Like taking back control of your destiny.

Welcome to part 2 of the your life.

cayc posted 3/9/2014 20:08 PM

You have to D this asshole? He hasn't drowned at sea yet?

Seriously though, yay!

Bluebird26 posted 3/10/2014 02:05 AM

I hear you! It took me 19 months to get divorced here. 12 months & 1 day before you can get the paperwork signed, a month for x to send it back to me, then lodge to the courts and another 6 months to get a court date, then another month & one day for it to official.

Best thing I ever did though

Best of luck in your NB

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stronger08 posted 3/10/2014 03:02 AM

The time it takes to D varies depending on where you live and other mitigating factors. It took me almost a year just to come to a mutual agreeable settlement. Then it took a couple of months for the exact wording to be correct. And even after all that it took almost 8 more months to get a judge to sign them. All in all I'd say I was in the process for about 2 years as well. But the good news is that its over and your free.

thebighurt posted 3/10/2014 07:32 AM

Yay for you, MyVoice! Congrats. I can't believe that much time has gone by!

That month (and a day) will go by quickly. The worst is over.

FaithFool posted 3/10/2014 08:39 AM

It does feel different. Can't really put my finger on exactly how, but it does. It's like the last link in the chain being broken.

SBB posted 3/10/2014 10:32 AM

Turns out I was wrong, now the divorce is happening Iím actually really excited and I do feel different, in a very good, empowering way

I absolutely feel different and it's fantastic!

MyVoice posted 3/11/2014 21:00 PM

Thanks guys, I can't believe how happy I am .

nowiknow23 posted 3/11/2014 21:12 PM


Edie posted 4/8/2014 05:11 AM

Fabulous MV.

AussieMum posted 4/9/2014 22:08 PM

Congrats MyVoice from a fellow Aussie!

The laws here are ridiculous, having to wait a full year to lodge paperwork and then the extra month and that all important ONE DAY lol.

My divorce hearing is on 2nd May - I figure I'll be in there for maybe 10 minutes?? (hope so). I can't wait. 1st D day was July 2012. This has been such a long process.

But YAY to being free of them!!

MyVoice posted 4/10/2014 01:01 AM

Wow talk about timing AussieMum it was one month and one day on the 7th and I received my papers in the mail about an hour ago, yay I'm officially divorced... the end... full stop to that chapter in my life!

If one day before Dday you told me I would ever be divorced, I would have thought you insane.

If one day after Dday you told me I'd not only survive, but be happily divorced one day, I'd have thought you insane.

These days I'd stop and consider any strange foretelling of my life!

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Edie posted 4/10/2014 01:13 AM


Congratulations finally., you are now a free woman.
How are the kids?

MyVoice posted 4/10/2014 16:39 PM

Hi Edie,thanks and how are you

My kids are doing well DS has just started his first year at Uni and DD just started year eleven, so is entering her serious senior years at school. I had a parent teacher night this week and her teachers are all impressed so I can relax about her schooling for once

DS see's his father perhaps every six weeks or so and DD hasn't seen him or spoken to him since November 2012, she will communicate with him via text but only when she wants money,and he gives her whatever she asks for. I approach this gently but I don't like her using her dad just for money, bad character on her part and I let her know that.

We are one happy little family, it's quite bizarre how life just rolls along.

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