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I'm Angry Today

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hope2014 posted 3/10/2014 13:49 PM

Today, I discovered/learned that my H had another play date with our youngest child and the OW. This occurred on the same day that he emailed me telling me that he would "soon" let me know whether he was ready to end the A and about 1.5 weeks after I learned of the A. Since that email, he has basically stopped communicating with me at all. He even texted me last night while we were both at home to tell me about the dinner plans.

During our MC on Wednesday, I will be asking for a (formal) separation for the next 6 months to give us time to negotiate the terms of our divorce. It is very clear to me that he has no intention of trying to repair our R. I am SO ANGRY! I want to tell him what a lying, cheating, bag of sh@# he is to do this after I've supported him through all of his lame a$$ job pursuits and self-indulgent interests.

I'm trying hard to not just flip out on him today, but it will take every fiber of my being to wait a couple more days. Sadly, I think he will actually be relieved when I ask him to leave. He is too much of a coward to actually do it himself so I believe he is doing everything possible to ensure that I kick him out.

brokenblackbird posted 3/10/2014 14:04 PM

Anger is a good place to be. It is motivating and will help you along in the process.

Good luck!

Skan posted 3/10/2014 14:56 PM

Stay angry. Anger can be your friend right now and you have every RIGHT to be angry. And your next MC appt. should be your last as it is obviously a waste of time and money.

I would like to suggest that you go to the Separation and Divorce forum and start talking to the people down there. They are a lovely group of people who can help you with your next steps. (((hugs)))

norabird posted 3/10/2014 16:54 PM

I agree, channel your anger into action. I'm sorry he's not able to do the right thing here.

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