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Finally puttin' my b*tch boots on... wish me luck/advice

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KJac posted 3/10/2014 17:42 PM

I've had it. After all the years of taking his abuse I probably would have just taken some scraps and crawled away to lick my wounds and heal myself... HE WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE. He has to continuously try to fuck w/me anyway he possibly can and he has now pushed me over the edge.

I will now be informing my L to go after every single asset he has hidden (my L already has a pretty sizeable chunk of paperwork I managed to secure that I'd told him to "just hold on to" for now)

We live in a 50-50 state but my STBX seems to think he'll just take a fraction of the debt, pay me nothing, keep our assets himself, and not disclose ANY of his "side" income - even the stuff he KNOWS I'm aware of ...

Maybe I would have even settled for some of this a*sf*ucking but it just wasn't enough for him. No, he has to keep "poking the bear" and can't leave me alone - he's trying to get to me ever so subtly/manipulatively through friends/family. Well, he has finally pushed me over the edge. He wants to fight? Ok, here I go.

Wish me luck because he truly terrifies me. His manipulations and absolute puke behavior know NO bounds. I will be heading on down to the NPD thread (I've been reading there aplenty) as he fits right in... but any and all advice to help me prepare is welcomed w/open arms!!!

Gemini71 posted 3/10/2014 17:49 PM

I don't have any advice, but I'm sending prayers and positive thoughts. Good luck!

sunsetslost posted 3/10/2014 17:50 PM

Go get it!!!!

Nature_Girl posted 3/10/2014 18:31 PM

Good for you! Make sure your boots go with the image below, as I'm living proof that divorcing a NPD asshole is a Scorched Earth scenario! I say that not to scare you but to prepare you! Get the book "Splitting" by Bill Eddy. Get it now & hang on!

careerlady posted 3/10/2014 18:33 PM

I so don't have the balls to go toe to toe with my NPD STBX. Will be cheering you on from the sidelines though. Get what's yours for you and your littles!

Tripletrouble posted 3/10/2014 18:39 PM

Go tear it up!! You have the element of surprise on your side. These overconfident douches think they own their spouses. I hope we see you back in some amount of time holding a trophy over your head!

KJac posted 3/10/2014 19:27 PM

I'm entering the ring under no illusions and I am extremely grateful for all who have and continue to post their stories and experiences here... I may very well end up w/absolutely nothing but dammit I'm so very tired of taking his shit and am ashamed of this shell of a person I've become soooo... I am fighting back!!

Note: I am not completely stupid however, and will proceed w/caution - but let me be clear - I WILL PROCEED.

hope2014 posted 3/10/2014 19:41 PM

Good luck!! Your strength and courage are inspirational. Don't lose sight of your end goal. Hang on to your anger to the extent possible. He is going to use every tool he has to try to make you feel bad about doing this. Stand your grand! You are worth it!

dmari posted 3/10/2014 19:49 PM

Go for it!! Even if you don't get what you deserve financially, the fact that you are refusing to take his shit is a WIN! I don't have advice but I am sending you a ton of strength and peace!

bigskyblues posted 3/11/2014 04:39 AM

No advice, but kick some ass!

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