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::Spoiler Alert:: The Bachelor... omg. Worst. Bachelor. Ever.

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She11ybeanz posted 3/11/2014 12:28 PM

Okay...I will admit it...I watch the show. I don't know why I love these shows. Probably just amazes me that anyone would take the chance of getting hurt by one of these guys/gals. but, anywho...I find them entertaining at best.....

This Juan Pablo guy had me at first.....Cute..okay. Charming....maybe. Exotic (with his Spanish accent)....most definitely. But, as the season went on.... his "izzz okay" to everything these women said was annoyingly clear. He really could have cared less if they were lawyers, unemployed, liked children (he is a single dad....another initial appeal to me) or were serial killers. I think he just was obliviously devoted to being the most shallow bachelor in Bachelor history (and that was pretty hard to accomplish....) I mean....all he wanted to do was kiss them the whole freakin time. He never really seemed interested in ANYTHING they had to say. Just kiss kiss kiss.

WOW.... I think that after 2 of the women (he really liked IMHO) left on their own accord after one "just didn't feel it" and the other had a bad experience in the "overnight suite" .... not going there Mr. Latin Lover..... I personally believe the 2 women left at the end were not his 1st picks..... and in the end he settled.

But, worst of all....the one of the 2 left that he let go and rejected was one he slept with in the ocean weeks prior to this....behind all the other girls' backs... then tried to recant after the fact saying that it was wrong and he didn't want his daughter to get the wrong impression of him....yeah... he was really thinking of his daughter that night.... (but he says he only did it because he didn't want to hurt Claire...the girl in question's feelings...) Um.....EXCUSE ME!!!!??? Please hurt my feelings before you have sex with me out of pity......PLEASE!!!!

Poor Claire. I will admit. I didn't like her when she slept with him behind the other womens backs....I thought it was sneaky and demoralizing..... but at the finale when he let her stand there and tell him how much she believed in him and loved him and could see a future with him and he never stopped her and she went on and on and on only for him to be like..... well...sorry. I'm going to have to send you home. I don't feel the same way..... You are not the one. I had to give her some kudos for telling him off. She stood there and let him have it and when he tried to interrupt her...she said, "Wait...I'm not done yet" and she told him off some more! You go girl!!! ::VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE::

THEN....the girl he DOES choose....he tells her..."Well... I have a ring in my pocket...but I'm not going to use no...because I told your father I would be 100% sure I wanted to marry you and I'm not 100% sure. But, I like you...and don't want to let you go...." I woulda been Excuse me? I put my whole life on hold....made it to the picked me.....and nada....just a pat on the head and a "I like you....let's see what happens!?" Screw you man! But, nave cute little blonde pediatric nurse took the bait.....and was like...."Izzzz okay Juan....use and abuse me!" blah blah blah.... and 4 months later...(cause they do the "After the Rose Show" right after the finale that takes place LIVE 4 months later) he STILL has not said "I love you" to her....and outright refused to say those words....or anything close to them. He said she was fantastic....wonderful girl. blah blah blah. OMG.....I would be mortified and feel like an itiot if I were that girl... but she sat there.... like a good little wannabe catalog bride never-to-be and smiled politely and said she didn't care and was just happy "to be" with him...... okay. Doormat. Wow. NEXT!

It just looks better and better on this bus every day with shows like that!!!!

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purplejacket4 posted 3/11/2014 23:07 PM

Yeah he may never get another date after this. What a tool.

gonnabe2016 posted 3/11/2014 23:16 PM

Haven't the periodicals been tagging this guy as a total douche for the past couple of months now?

persevere posted 3/11/2014 23:23 PM

I didn't watch it but I've seen some coverage of it - seems like a total jerk...

Dreamboat posted 3/11/2014 23:32 PM

My DD16 has suddenly become obsessed with The Bachelor.

I watched a little bit of the finale, basically the parts you summarized Shelly. I could not help making snide comments about The Tool and the Bleach Blond Idiots who are "in lurvvv" with him. Just ... wow. This is the first time I have ever watched the show and I was not impressed by either gender represented on the show.

I just hope that DD does not think this is what love is all about. Ugh. She has my D and The Bachelor as models... The poor girl is doomed!!

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