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My Zen moment towards the OW is over

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918Mama posted 3/12/2014 16:07 PM

Cuz the bitch done went and posted trash on a cheaters website.

Interestingly, she's done so right around the time frame that I commented on someone else's thread that I had posted on one ages ago.

She's posted on the same site, the lil peach!

Clearly she's found me on here and that's fine. So this thread is directed at you and you alone Amanda...

Take it down. Or I forward everything I've recovered from his iPhone. The pics...the videos...the begging for a baby. I'm sure your husband would love to see all of that.

As would many of your co-workers, I'm sure. And your mom. Can't imagine she knows your dirty little secrets yet! Love to be the one to tell her!!

I have who knows how to search online. Take it down. You have no IDEA of the rage I've bottled away for you! I nearly lost my baby you effing whore. You wanted my life so desperately that the stress of it nearly killed my son.

You have no idea how batshit crazy a mother can get. Trust don't want to find out.

Faithful w/Love posted 3/12/2014 16:11 PM

How the hell did she find you here? And if she put your WH on a cheaters site shouldn't she put herself on there? That's calling the kettle black... They are all a hot mess!

crazyblindsided posted 3/12/2014 16:15 PM

Your OW sounds just like ours... a real wench!

Flourgirl posted 3/12/2014 16:27 PM

Can you say bunny boiler? She's stalking you on here? Amanda you are a disgusting please leave this woman alone you have done enough harm. Go do something positive in the world and better yourself.

918Mama posted 3/12/2014 16:30 PM

I've suspected for a little while she found me. There's enough personally identifying characteristics in my stories, profile and user name that she could easily identify me. I think initially I did that as an invitation to the universe that I wanted her to find me and see the pain and destruction she caused in my life...not minimizing my H's role AT ALL just calling out her own special place in my hell!

If she came across SI like any of us have through the usual searches, then I'd be an easy target to identify from my screen name alone.

When I posted about finding her pitiful blog post to the universe about how awful her life was, I actually felt a little sorry for her. I posted about it here and...wah-la! Magically removed even though it hadn't been touched for months.

Making the comment recently about the cheaters website was really to bait her and see if my suspicions were correct. I believe they are.

I posted the original post about her 10 months post d day. I was in a WORLD of hurt still and very angry. It was do that, or punch her in the face. I chose the peaceful option.

She posted her update last week...almost two years post d day? Why now? I can only guess it's because she found out what I did and wanted to even the score. Fine.

The problem is, it never came from my H. It came from ME, the BS. The betrayed friend. She isn't posting because she's hurt by him, she's posting cuz she's pissed at me.

Well now it's game on...and I have had a LOT of time to think about what I'd like to do. You want to mess with me whore??

Bring it.

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SI Staff posted 3/12/2014 16:43 PM

918Mama -

Do not bait or call out others. This includes members and non-members. Thank you.

Simple posted 3/12/2014 18:10 PM

/shrug still think OW, no matter how many there are are never worth our time. Honestly, you should've sent all those info to her BH anyway, even if he already knows. As a BS, I want to know everything cause it helped me make decisions that affect my life. It's rare that a BS wants to stay in the dark.

Good luck to you.

Skan posted 3/13/2014 13:58 PM

Out her. Immediately. To everyone. Actions, meet consequences.

Shattered-Heart posted 3/13/2014 14:26 PM

Out her. Immediately. To everyone. Actions, meet consequences.

Exactly what Skan said.

Similar crap happening with me. 2 yrs + down the line and they're still the same hot mess? Whatever.

Put it all out on the table, and let the cards fall. She'll be busy with the fallout, and you work on YOU. Breathe, enjoy the kids, and be as happy in your life as you can be, cause that, really, is the best anyway.

Remember unicorn land was an escape and she's delusional, and may never change. Keep on bettering your life and to hell with everyone else.

[This message edited by Shattered-Heart at 2:28 PM, March 13th (Thursday)]

niaveone posted 3/14/2014 07:26 AM

I still say the best thing I ever did was out OW and WS all over FB. It kept them both from living in a little fantasy world they both created and let the small town we both live in know what they did. Not only was WS and OW hearing from ME, but they heard from the whole community. One thing that made OW's marriage crumble was because her own WS (they were in an open marriage, but it was on the *down low*) couldn't handle everyone knowing how gross they both were. lol. Oops. You need to out her so she doesn't live in her own little perfect universe in her little pea brain.

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