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Marriage contract question

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Freebygrace posted 3/13/2014 16:47 PM

Is there an article about this somewhere? I saw it referenced in JFO.

I feel like my WS and I are on different planets when it comes to the marital rules. Like, I wouldn't go out and do things that make him mad or upset. He has no problem doing that to me though. I think we need some guidelines.

Truly posted 3/13/2014 17:21 PM

Sorry (((((((((Freebygrace)))))))))

I don't know of an article, but someone here will.

I thought the rules were in the marriage service??

And in the morals, values and hearts of all good people??

I may have missed something...

Kia kaha

StillLivin posted 3/13/2014 17:49 PM

I'm not sure if you are talking about a figurative contract or a literal one.
I'm in a covenant M, so it is a legal contract besides the actual M certificate.

If the PDF doesn't open up, trying googling covenant marriage Arizona. Arizona is one of the states that has covenant M and recognizes it from other states as well.

Freebygrace posted 3/13/2014 18:04 PM

I think it is figurative. It's in the consequences thread, first post.

I thought there was an article or post about it? So that both people are on the same page.

And YES! I agree that was in the vows of the ceremony. But it seems that my WS didn't really get it. He seems to think that acting as a single person is OK. Spending money without consulting the other is OK. And if you aren't feeling good in the marriage, you can self sooth however you want. In the arms of someone else. And if you are mad when you do that, then all should be forgiven. Ugh

I need a contract or guidelines or something.

jpumpkin posted 3/13/2014 18:24 PM

I don't know of a pre made one. I agree it was in the original vows. Isn't it sad that that some grown ups need it spelled out. "No, you doing everything you want regardless of my feelings is not you honoring me." For a long time my FWS felt my desire to be honored was me being controlling.

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