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Need a chuckle? ... Funny bumper sticker

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StillStanding1 posted 3/13/2014 19:38 PM

Really... It read:

I <3 HB

I laughed out loud. I have no idea what it was actually referring to, but I thought I should share.

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outside4me posted 3/14/2014 00:20 AM

I'd like to think the driver was an SI member! The Best Club Nobody Wants to Join doesn't have a secret handshake, but the abbreviations might be a close substitute, eh? I really needed that abbreviation cheat sheet in the healing library when I first joined. It needs to be updated and expanded, but I enjoy deciphering the new ones I come across (Piece of Shit Other Man, etc.).

I heart HB too, as long as the mind movies and intrusive thoughts don't creep in.

kate0421 posted 3/14/2014 06:09 AM

Lol... okay so here is my favorite bumper sticker I have EVER seen. Nothing has topped it yet.......

I'm ashamed of what I did for a Klondike bar

Skan posted 3/14/2014 17:38 PM

Oh gods, I DO hope that's an SI member.

This one has been around a bit, but I liked it so much that I actually posted it on my Facebook page.


yearsofpain25 posted 3/14/2014 17:43 PM


blakesteele posted 3/14/2014 22:34 PM

Love this fun thread!!!!

Skan.....I had not seen that before....too funny!!!

I gotta figure out how to post pics.....


dmari posted 3/14/2014 23:26 PM

My favorite one is the one where it's a family sticker like the above one and the dads head is missing/ripped off.

Skan posted 3/15/2014 17:10 PM

blakesteele, copy and paste the URL for the photo into your posting box. Then highlight it and hit the quote " " box above. Then, inside of the

URL address
boxes, change the word to .

And there you have it! Photo!

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