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Iamhappytoday posted 3/13/2014 23:13 PM

Edited post to paraphrase that I'm just thankful after separating and plunging towards a divorce I never saw coming that school, despite its insanity, is going well.

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Helen of Troy posted 3/14/2014 14:22 PM

Education is one thing no one can take away from you.

risingfromashes posted 3/14/2014 17:27 PM

I went back to school while in the middle of the divorce which included a trial. It was a crazy move but gave me something to look forward to.
I am getting my MA in Conflict Resolution and Mediation.

Good for you! School somehow can keep you sane.

Leia posted 3/14/2014 17:42 PM

My STBXWW and I paid off my student loans several years ago. He can't get my college degree in the divorce!!!

Iamhappytoday posted 3/15/2014 19:36 PM

Thanks for your replies! I didn't even think it was possible to go back, then in December after 8 months of fruitless job hunting I asked around for advice and called the academic counselor and it went really fast from there.
I honestly was in a huge slump with no job and no prospects, it was so hard to take care of the kids. As of mid-terms I have at least a 3.5, I HAVE to get out of bed, and I receive not only wonderful encouragement, but even during sad moments the surroundings of a beautiful campus and new purpose really lift my spirits.

I really would not have gotten this far without even my lurking moments on SI.


traicionada posted 3/16/2014 07:03 AM

I went back to college 90 days after Dday. I won't lie and tell you it was easy but I know it gave me something to focus on while all the madness went down. Good luck on your NB!

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