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Every year this time...

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FaithFool posted 3/14/2014 14:55 PM

It's been six years this month since we put the deposit down on the House of Pain.

Since it's right across the street from where I work, I can see the giant trees in the backyard every time I walk to the mailroom.

I envisioned us retiring there, but heck no, he fucked that one up bigtime.

Not sad or anything anymore, I've definitely moved on (three actual moves later) and enjoy my new life immensely. I would not trade it or go back to the way things were.

Just marking the occasion. Every spring equinox I get strong sense memories of what I was thinking and feeling as the renovations were going on, and how excited I was about finally getting a house of our own, all while he was distracted and deep in the final affair.

Now it's just a reminder of the hell I survived.

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hexed posted 3/14/2014 15:41 PM


yes, 3/1 was 6yrs for me. I still can't help but mark the occasion mentally. its not always on the same day that i remember but this month always brings back a certain melonchaly/bittersweet feel. its OK. it just is. someday i hope i don't really notice it any more but right now i feel like remembering it all is a tribute to/an acknowledgement of me and all those years rather than a bow to the pain the way it used to be.

hope that you are having a lovely spring!

Sad in AZ posted 3/14/2014 16:36 PM

Aw, FF. I know it's no longer a trigger, but I understand. I thought I had ridden off into the AZ sunset for the rest of my life (even though it wasn't my dream house...)

Your post made me realize the vernal equinox marks the anniversary of my D. 3 years next Friday. Time flies

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FaithFool posted 3/14/2014 16:38 PM

Equinox is a great time to consider rebalancing, because we're neither here nor there.

Turning towards the sun is always a good place to start.

gma56 posted 3/14/2014 20:29 PM

Hey FF !!!! My D/S buddy !!!! We did shake
up that forum 3-4 yrs ago ! Many laughs mixed with tears.

I hear ya girl !

March 9th was 6 yrs since dday for me. I celebrated my survival by signing a lease on
a building almost 3000 miles from the old marital house, to start a business . It was a sweet day
indeed !

A new life finally, some of us had a slow start. DUH !

Keep on keeping on and miss ya ! Can't call you with my new phone plan but you can call ME !!!

Big Hugs !

FaithFool posted 3/14/2014 23:46 PM

Hey gma! Glad to hear things are rolling for you.

PM me your number, not sure if I have the right one.

gma56 posted 3/15/2014 00:10 AM

PM on the way !!!!

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