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ex abuse your kids?

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Jill2011 posted 3/15/2014 21:43 PM

Anyone now moving on and dealing with ex abusing your kids?

Bluebird26 posted 3/16/2014 01:47 AM

You might have more luck in general or s/d forum than the off topic one.

I hope you and your children are ok.

Kajem posted 3/16/2014 11:20 AM

Emotional abuse -yes.

Physical or sexual -no

CheshCat posted 3/16/2014 12:37 PM


Miserable, hellish, awfulness.

And there is NOTHING I can do about it.

He's wealthy, white, and educated.

The courts will revoke custody for 2 minutes (literally until he completes a weekend seminar IF that), and it's back to 50/50 custody.

And I'm out 10k.

Which is kind of the least of my concerns. (My ELEMENTARY aged son hung himself at his dads, serious attempt/ his blessed blessed stepmother found him and cut him down and got him medical treatment in time so he lived).

It's only a matter of time before he kills my children.
Either by snapping their necks (he likes to pick up people by their necks and throw them into walls), or by driving them to suicide.

But in trying to prolong that time, I'm increasingly in debt, and stand to lose custody MYSELF if I can't keep up on my bills.


Crazy world.

So. Much. Fun.

When the abusive parent can bankrupt the non-abusive parent & get full custody.

"Hard" has a completely new definition in my world.

jo2love posted 3/16/2014 13:30 PM

(((((Jill2011 & DD)))))
(((((Kajem & kids)))))
(((((CheshCat & kids)))))

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