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i am just tired...

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tara1110 posted 3/15/2014 21:48 PM

I moved from a different state 3 weeks ago... During the move I fractured my pinky toe... I started work this past week, did well minus the limping ( ironically I work in physical rehab)... My poor DS (2yrs old) started daycare this past week and I feel bad because he literally throws a fit every morning before I drop him off because he's still not used to the new faces... I was out of job for 2 weeks because of the move and I don't get paid until 2 weeks from now hence I am in a really tight budget.... Bills are starting to pile up... My dog's skin allergy was exacerbated by I don't know what and he's miserable... Poor thing... The house that we are renting is not fenced so I have to go out on a limb ( no pun intended) to walk my 2 dogs to go potty... Things hasn't been easy for me lately and I just feel exhausted...

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Nature_Girl posted 3/15/2014 21:55 PM

I'm sorry. It's really hard to find your new groove, but to have a broken bone on top of it? ACK!

Bluebird26 posted 3/15/2014 22:09 PM

Moving alone makes you exhausted, with everything else you are doing as well it's not wonder you are tired. Try and get some rest.

Can you get some extensions on your bills that are piling up until you get paid?


tara1110 posted 3/15/2014 22:34 PM

... Thank you for the support... I guess that's the only way for me right now... To get extensions for the bills... The physical exhaustion I can handle... The broken toe is still throbbing at times... But being tired emotionally is just another story... I'm only 8 months post dday so it's still very hard....

Rabecca posted 3/15/2014 22:54 PM


The emotional exhaustion is the most taxing for me. That is hardest to adjust to I think. I am sorry you are having such a tough time.

Caretaker1 posted 3/15/2014 23:05 PM

Advil, hot baths, and tlc for things you like to do. It will work out. The new move sounds liberating. Rent a movie you like, do something you like to do, you will feel better.

Lost15 posted 3/15/2014 23:12 PM


I am sorry you are going through all of this. Hang in there it has to get better.

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