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Ladies, ruminations on thongs, maxi pads and mothers

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Lionne posted 3/16/2014 13:39 PM

Several threads, and a cartoon online got me thinking. Who is old enough to remember life before adhesive maxi pads? I got my period at a young age, 10 1/2, and my mother had had a hysterectomy. She was pissed at me for bothering her so early in the morning and sent me across the street to borrow supplies from the younger mother of seven across the street. Of course, ALL the kids were eavesdropping on our embarassing conversation at the door. I wanted to die. Fiddling with that nasty, BORROWED, belt, and this gigantic lump of cotton with tails, I had no idea what to do with it. I managed to muddle through and went to school. My older married sister came over in the afternoon with my own stuff to teach me.

Now, of course, there is a whole department to choose from. I inquired of my mother about tampons. She was horrified. She never did tell me why I couldn't use them.

So, thongs? Really? Those sanitary belts used to dig into your body with an uncomfortable sensation quite unlike anything else! I cannot imagine CHOOSING to do it. From what I've seen, the middle section would also become enmeshed in a sensitive spot.

Although I no longer have a need for them, Thank God for adhesives.

looking forward posted 3/16/2014 14:21 PM

Oh, yes!
The good old days!
Those awful elastic sanitary belts and pads.

Re: tampons and Mom: -- When tampons first appeared on the scene, my sisters and I asked our Mom if could try them, but she replied with a horrified, "No!" We didn't understand, at least I didn't, but in retrospect, I think she believed that inserting tampons would cause us to lose our virginity.

A funny/painful true story (oxymoron in that title):
My older sister eventually tried tampons and after a few days, abruptly stopped using them and reverted to pads for the rest of her menstrual years (30+ years).
Why? She eventually told me, and we both ended up laughing our a**es off!
Older sister didn't realize that the cardboard applicator was supposed to be removed after insertion of tampon, and didn't know what the dangling string meant. So she ended up with 3 or 4 tampons and applicators inserted inside and couldn't fathom why she was in pain! She finally figured it out and removed everything, never to return to tampon land again!

Thongs???? Ewwwww.....

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jrc1963 posted 3/16/2014 15:33 PM

The belts/elastic bands predate me by only a few years... but when I started at the tender age of 11 I had to deal with those bulky kotex pads that were thicker then a diaper! God I hated those things! I felt like every person on the planet knew I was wearing one....

I didn't start using tampons until I was in my late 30's... but I have since switched to this thing called a Moon Cup that I love... Hopefully tho I won't need anything too much longer.

Thongs??? Why would anyone want to do that to themselves???

Sad in AZ posted 3/16/2014 15:54 PM

Sheesh; I got to view 'the movie' when I was 9 years old. I had NO idea what they were talking about A year later, I went to the local pool and jumped off the high dive board--ouch! That night, I got my period--I thought I was bleeding internally and was going to die. I went up stair, lay down on my bed and waited for the end. I woke up the next morning I just stuffed my pants full of tissues for the rest of the week.

It didn't come back till 6 months later, and by that time I knew what was going on. Yes, I had to wear the stupid belt, but I promptly 'disobeyed' my mom and got tampons.

So happy to say I no longer have to deal with this

Dark Inertia posted 3/16/2014 16:11 PM

Oh yes, I remember "the movie", when they split up the boys and the girls. The boys went to play in the recess yard and us girls were shuffled into the library and we watched a video of joyous teenage girls jumping up and down, proudly proclaiming they got their period and they were now on the verge of womanhood. I remember afterwards the boys asking us what the movie was about, and how curious they were.

Honestly, I do not remember the exact wording, and I was HIGHLY confused what they were so happy about. Around the same time my mom bought maxi pads, and was trying to explain it to me, but I still had no clue what she was talking about.

When I finally got my period I thought I was dying. My mom was upset, not so much at me but at the situation. I think she was disappointed that I was no longer a little girl.

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Lionne posted 3/16/2014 16:44 PM

Oh Sad! That's too funny! I look at the commercials on TV and remember how we didn't dare speak of these things! In middle school, there was the dreaded "shower" in gym class. Not only were we forced to wear these grotesque outfits, but then supposed to strip naked in front of 50 classmates and teachers and shower. The only way out was if we had our period. Not only that, but you didn't SAY you had your period, you sidled up to whatever teacher was in charge of watching the showering girls (!) and whispered, "regular." You might as well have shouted "UNCLEAN!"

We've come a long way, baby.

Lionne posted 3/16/2014 16:57 PM

And I never saw that movie, sounds like a good one! I did, however, get to read a little book in seventh grade. I had an unmarried gym teacher. She was very shy about the whole thing, no way were any questions encouraged. When I read about sex, I was, plain and simple, disgusted. There wasn't a snowballs chance in hell I was going to do any of those slow dance things and run the risk of feeling a boys erection!

Of course, then I wound up raising two boys and found out how preoccupied they are with their equipment from birth on. Very little room for prudery when you have curious children around.

jrc1963 posted 3/16/2014 17:11 PM

We had the "Movie" in 4th grade.... and they handed out sample supplies. We were told "Don't tell the boys what you learned"...

So, of course, me being me... I told every single boy I saw.... I even showed them the sample supplies.

I didn't believe in ignorance... even then. That probably why I became a teacher.

BrokenButTrying posted 3/16/2014 17:32 PM

I'm too young to remember the belts, always had tampons and maxi pads. Moon cups are all the rage with the women I know, I'm curious but not had the nerve to try one yet. My friend rinses hers quickly in the sink then puts it in the dishwasher

I'm quite convinced that thongs are instruments of torture. Hate the things. Also not attractive sticking out the back of your jeans when you're building train tracks or running cars along the floor with your toddler.

jrc1963 posted 3/16/2014 17:47 PM

Broken... I highly recommend the Moon Cup... been using it for 3+ years now and it is by far the best option out there for dealing with "aunt flo"....

It's simple and easy to use and way less expensive then purchasing monthly tampons and pads... it's clean and I find it most comfortable of all the options.

GabyBaby posted 3/16/2014 17:52 PM

I'm going with JRC and also recommend the moon cups.
I went from the bulky pads to tampons (my mother also didn't want to discuss ANY of this stuff with us).
After my kids were born, I saw an ad for "Instead" Menstrual cups and tried them. I LOVED that product and though they're disposable, I would wash/wear one cup per day. I can only find them online now. Using those led me to look online for a more sturdy reusable cup.
I eventually ended up with the Diva Cup (just a different brand than the one JRC mentioned) which also comes with a case.

They're AWESOME!!!

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bluelady posted 3/16/2014 19:01 PM

More cuppers!!! Yay!!! I use the Diva Cup myself, but I've heard other brands are fantastic.

The belt predates me, but I remember my mom telling me about it. I seriously couldn't figure it out in my brain. Up until I Googled it (five minutes ago ) I thought the belt went on the outside of your pants, like a regular belt. Either way, it seems way too complicated.

I'm also kinda lucky in that there have always been ultra thin pads available to me. I stuck with them until I was in my 20s, then tampons, then the cup about 4 years ago. Best decision I ever made.

solus sto posted 3/16/2014 19:15 PM

My mother was weird about tampons, too. Thank goodness for older sisters.

I've been using the Instead soft cup for years---and would never return to anything else. It's a bazillion times more comfortable than anything else.

Lionne posted 3/16/2014 19:26 PM

These cup things sound awesome. There used to be a movement and product using sponges, natural and otherwise. I think it died out because they leaked, and maybe concerns about toxic shock syndrome.

You younger women have no idea.

We were NOT allowed to wear pants of any type in high school. This was the late 60's -70's. I guess they thought Boys would not be able to control themselves if they saw the feminine shape. In 1970, we changed the dress code to allow pantsuits. A new principal tried to change that. We went on strike, marching all around the school. That guy didn't last long, and we thought we were all powerful.
As a young teacher, we still were discouraged from wearing pants, pantsuits permitted on occasion, but not really. Imagine crawling on the floor with kindergarten students! Much money spent on pantyhose!

tesla posted 3/16/2014 19:39 PM

Holy cow. I am so glad I have no idea what this belt aka instrument of torture is!

But my mom was raised at a time when no one talked about that she didn't tell me anything about what was going to happen at puberty. Nothing.
Thank god I was a late I learned everything I needed to know from my friends. And thank goodness I had a job so I could buy my own tampons and not use the 7 inch thick maxi pads my mom stocked the bathroom with.

Lucky2HaveMe posted 3/16/2014 19:52 PM

When I got my period and told my mom, she YELLS from the bottom of the stairs up to my older sister "BRING YOUR SISTER A BELT AND A PAD!" I am 2nd oldest of 5 kids - and yep they were all home. Thankfully they were all clueless, but I was MORTIFIED.

Through most of HS I had to use the belt/maxi. I didn't really know there was anything else. And tampons?!? Mother told me "We don't believe in those!" I remember thinking WTF? What is there to believe in?

When I had my first son, in the hospital I was given a belt & pad again. OMG reliving my nightmare. I mean, come on - it was 1986 and adhesives had been out for years by now.

I wisened up with my second and packed my own pads for after giving birth. The army-bitch nurse did NOT like that at all because it was too absorbent. Oh well... I now must look into these cups you speak of. Sadly I still need them. Gyno tells me I'm lucky because I am still producing my own estrogen. Define *lucky*

phmh posted 3/16/2014 20:13 PM

Are you talking about thong underwear? I was not a believer for the longest time, but the right brands and right fit = much more comfortable than anything else I can find.

Dark Inertia posted 3/16/2014 20:28 PM

I love Instead, but they are so hard to find! I lucked out, the Kroger by my house sells them, but that is about the only place. No way would I ever go back to maxi pads.

HFSSC posted 3/16/2014 20:36 PM

I got my first period when using was staying with my grandmother the summer I was 12. She took me to the closest store to her tiny country SC town. Picture Oleson's Mercantile. White clipboard building with 2 old guys playing checkers on the front porch.

All feminine hygiene products (as well as deodorant and toilet paper) were kept behind the counter. So my grandmother announced to the man behind the counter that she needed a box of Kotex. Then she pointed at me and said, "It's her first monthly you know." In that super loud "whisper" that old people use.

Wanted. To. Die.

GabyBaby posted 3/16/2014 20:50 PM

I love Instead, but they are so hard to find!

You can still find them on Amazon, thank goodness. I had to order them for years before I switched to the Diva Cup.

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