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delayed triggers

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hurtingfool posted 3/17/2014 18:15 PM

So I had been using the same bed sheets while she was deployed (I did wash them) that we had used before she had left. It helped me at the time.

I was doing laundry today and came across the sheets she had over there. Now, they are in the trash. Then it got me thinking on what pillow case she had used. I didn't look for one but then the thought it was from the set we were using popped in my head. Maybe it wasn't, I don't know yet. Then I thought how I used that set to remind me of her. We've used it since she has been back, but today for some reason it just really pisses me off. Same for my body pillow I used to hold.

So damn angry I've been fine (with the sheets and pillows) all this time yet today it all sets me off. Anyone else have a delayed trigger?

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JellyGirl84 posted 3/17/2014 18:20 PM

My STBXSIL gave my WH and I a Mr. and Mrs. coffee mug set. In the inside rim of each cup there was some quote from the Bible about marriage. I loved my darn cup because it was just the right size. Coincidentally, last night I looked at them sitting on the shelf (of course not having been used since before DDAY) and I decided to smash them into the garbage. Strangely, only my cup would break when I threw them in there and I briefly wondered if it was a "sign".

Lowlow posted 3/17/2014 19:02 PM

Yup. For me it was an obusform pillow which was on the bed they consummated their physical relationship on. After dd, i destroyed all the bedding and made WH buy a new bed and frame. He even painted the room, redecorated and refinished the floors (without me asking). But I had forgotten about the one pillow which I had moved to 'our' bed prior to dd. I must have slept on it for two months before I remembered that I had moved it to "our" room. I was revolted and tossed it right away, but for weeks after, I was consumed with wondering what else in my house had been "contaminated". I'm embarrassed to say that this thought occasionally crosses my mind even today.

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