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My renter is gone! What a relief.

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fraeuken posted 3/18/2014 01:37 AM

The hoarder is gone for good. A few things have been left behind but she texted me that she will pick them up this week. Showed up briefly tonight to retrieve boxes from the garage. I wasted no time and had the bathroom deep cleaned by a cleaning service. You would not believe the filth. Now it's all sparkly and smells super clean. I went to the store and decorated the room today. Next are the den and the bedroom.

I feel relief beyond imagination. Within the week the rooms will have been deep cleaned, painted and redecorated. It will be a busy and exhausting week but so worth it.

Think twice if you want to enter a rental situation with somebody. I have had a really good experience in the past but this was the housemate from hell. No more

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absolut posted 3/18/2014 05:55 AM

Mazal Tov Fraek. I have been following this saga. Glad to see it wrapping up.

cayc posted 3/18/2014 07:08 AM

Woot yay! This is good news. I know it's been a drag on you for faaaaaar too long!


Williesmom posted 3/18/2014 07:20 AM

Thank goodness that's behind you!

nowiknow23 posted 3/18/2014 07:31 AM


wildbananas posted 3/18/2014 07:43 AM

Yay! I can only imagine the stress this caused.

somanyyears posted 3/18/2014 08:36 AM

..made me think of the 1990 movie starring Michael Keaton, Melanie Griffith and Matthew Modine.. Pacific Heights..

..if you want to see what a 'renter from hell' looks like.. dark and scary..

..glad you got your life back..


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