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Vibrator Vent (tmi)

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frigidfire86 posted 3/20/2014 12:37 PM

I got a new B.O.B. today and it is the single most disappointing purchase I have ever made. It's too small and too stiff. There's zero flexibility with the clit stimulator so it vibrates too high up. The girth is a joke. One look and I knew I'd hate it, but I tried anyway just in case I was surprised. Nope. It sucks. This is my fourth one. The last one was called Triple Threat. It had an anal tickler that was pretty useless and I wasn't thrilled with the dolphin stimulator, but otherwise it did the job. I hated the Jack Rabbit. By far the best was my first, the Hummer. Eight different vibration settings, three rotation speeds, perfect size, flexible, and water proof. It was perfect...and I can't find anywhere to buy one. Why do they get rid of the best stuff and sell this new crap? Ugh! I just want a fucking awesome orgasm, no man needed. Is that too much to ask?

TrulyReconciled posted 3/20/2014 12:50 PM

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knightsbff posted 3/20/2014 14:38 PM


ETA: maybe read some reviews. I learned about these reviews from SI.

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tushnurse posted 3/20/2014 15:49 PM

My personal suggestion, get yourself a Hitachi Magic wand, and then a nice dildo of adequate size. If the Magic Wand cant get it done, then NOTHING can. LOL

StillGoing posted 3/20/2014 16:36 PM

Whatever it is, it's available through amazon.

Kelany posted 3/20/2014 17:11 PM

I love this place, I swear, just for all the BOB reviews!

I love my mini bullets. My butterfly BOB.

Stiffy? No, just no. Flexible all the way.

yearsofpain25 posted 3/20/2014 18:02 PM

Sorry ladies. I know I should back off this thread, and I especially don't want to come off as creepy!, but I just can't help myself. I hope you don't mind a very open minded fellow cutting in. My wife and I have an arsenal of BOB's, dildos, and PIOB (plug in operated boyfrield)aka the Hitachi that tushnurse suggests. We even have a few toys for me too.

Love Hey Epihoria btw. Done lots of research myself there over the last 2 years.

tushnurse is right on with the Hitachi. I won't give away too many details, but lets just say we can't always have "traditional" sex due to my wife's health issues. That Hitachi wand will work over jeans, undies, and a pad. Yep. Put it together with the Maverick VixSkin dildo and my wife is literally in another universe. It's a sure thing. My wife was first intimidated by it and said "NO WAY!!! I'm not going to fuck that tennis ball!" Guess which is now her absolute favorite? Plus you can get attachment heads for it. The soft yet firm silicone g-spot one is really good.

For Dildo's and some girth...check out VixSkin by Vixen Creations. She loves these and we have several. Very expensive BUT THEY ARE SO WORTH IT!! They feel soooo like the real thing which is why my wife likes them so much. I'm not kidding ladies. Check them out. Hey Epiphora reviews a few them in that link. If you should happen to purchase one, a trick that is not mentioned anywhere is to use corn starch J&J baby powder on them in between uses (we use the blue bottle baby powder). That's what restores the texture back to lifelike. They have that perfect amount of give too that make them feel so real.

If you are specifically looking for a rabbit with many options and some girth, check this one out:

we have 2 other fancy rabbits where the clitoral stimulator is not quite in the right spot for her, but that one is still her favorite and perfect for her.

I could go on and on but I don't want to come off as too creepy. Plus my wife will probably kill me (kindly) if she sees this post. For the record, we don't always use this stuff. They compliment what we do and we have a lot of fun with them. I have plenty of more recommendations of things that were good and not so good. But I'll keep those to myself unless asked. I'm running away in embarrassment now. This thing is anonymous right?

million pieces posted 3/21/2014 08:56 AM

What is a

dolphin stimulator

TrulyReconciled posted 3/21/2014 09:34 AM

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brokengirl37 posted 4/4/2014 00:34 AM

OMG!! Love it...thanks for the giggles

BelleStar posted 4/4/2014 10:13 AM

YOP25 Thank you for the advice as I was looking for something new to try. And Don't be embarrassed as you have done a great service to women kind today!

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