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180 in the Workplace

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GabyBaby posted 3/21/2014 11:22 AM

First, let me set the stage for you...
I work in a corporate setting, with approx 120 people. My department is small (7 people total).
One woman in particular, who is a cubicle mate, is the most annoying, whiner known to man.
Every day, there's SOMEthing wrong in her world, whether it is one of her three adult kids who wont speak to her or some other issue.
This is a woman who, in the 6yrs she's worked here has moved 8 times becuase "her roommates were crazy".

Around the office, if she's in a "mood", she'll look right at you and keep walking without saying a word. No hello or nod of acknowledgement. But she is the first to complain if she feels slighted. Add to that, she's filthy. She's the one who leaves dirty dishes in the sink for days at t time, then whines when it gets thrown away.

Last year in early December, I'd finally had enough of Nutjob. I simply stopped speaking to her on anything other than work related things.
Instead of asking me if there was a problem, she went to everyone else in the department (and a number outside our department) and complained that I don't speak to her. Most people just brush her off with, "Oh wow...that's too bad" and go on their way.
A work friend (in HR ) mentioned that Nutjob spoke to her in the breakroom about my silence toward her. HR friend and I chatted about it, I assured her that in a work capacity, I have been professional, I simply do not chat with Nutjob in a social type setting. I'm always polite, I simply do not engage Nutjob, nor do I participate in her "Poor Me" sessions. HR friend chuckles and said that's all I needed to know.

Fast forward to today. Over the last few months, Nutjob has tried a number of tactics to get me to speak to her:
-Sugar and Spice: "Oh GB, that color looks great on you!" (To which I simply reply tnank you and move on).
-Posting signs in her cubicle about "haters being jealous"
-Trying to recruit other coworkers (unsuccessfully) to her side
-180ing ME (Please continue, this is my favorite one so far, Nutters)

I hate to say it, but it is rather comical to see how this individual behaves. I almost pity her. Almost.

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mixedemotions posted 3/21/2014 21:25 PM

Yikes! Sounds personality disorder-ish to me. Sucks to be so trapped, seeing as it's the workplace.

I'd document as much as I could, and make HR very aware of my frustration, just to be proactive in case this gets uglier.

Sorry Gaby, seems so unfair!

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