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Happy Anniversary to me!!

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thebighurt posted 3/23/2014 08:28 AM

Two years ago today, my D was final. Xpos was the one who filed and admitted to some of his As/ONSs on DDay, with TT making it longer and longer that he had been doing that.

Investigation of his online activities proved he was on several porn 'dating' sites as well as regularly trolling CL for casual, anonymous sex. Other people later admitted to knowing of women he had for years.

So, today I celebrate my freedom from that life and also celebrate the life I have now. The past six months or so have been some of the best I can remember. The past three have been wonderful, reaffirming and freeing. People have responded to me in ways I cannot previously remember and say such nice things to me and about me. They can finally see the real me, not the person I came to believe I was because xpos constantly told me I was. Now I'm in a very good place!

I know there will be down times ahead. I know I will be subjected to xpos's anger, name calling and blame again in the near future. But for now I am happy and, hopefully by keeping those who love me nearby, I can deflect or defeat him and what he will try to do.

I now realize what life can be and it is amazing! And now I can celebrate it.

norabird posted 3/23/2014 18:41 PM


thebighurt posted 3/23/2014 18:47 PM

Thanks, Norabird.

T/j on Brandon808's fortune thread: Three years ago this week I got a fortune cookie that said, "All good things will now come your way.". Thanks to being rid of xpos, they have!!

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