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T/J How the "L" do you?

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LineInTheSand posted 3/23/2014 17:08 PM

I'm thread-jacking an earlier post of mine.

How the "L" do you get over someone you had a short relationship with?

A month and twenty days later....I can answer my own question!! ha ha
ANSWER: Have him stick around a little longer!!

My guy wound up staying an additional month before he actually moved. He left last week. I'm no longer sad over the fact of his move. Why? Because the dude is a weirdo!

On the day of his move, he asked me to help him get rid of some stuff. While cleaning out his refrigerator, he asked me to pour the water out of some containers in there. Okay. No big deal, I thought. YES....A BIG DEAL! The guy was worried there would be a shortage of water so he filled ALL sorts of containers...jelly jars, coffee creamer containers, juice containers, etc...but he never cleaned or rinsed them out!! There were still remnants floating around in the water he had added. Guess he was planning to drink this water??

Don't even get me started on his apartment. It was obvious he never scrubbed his tub. Black ring around the tub. His refrigerator was disgusting. I ended up wiping it down for him. Felt bad for whoever had to clean his apartment. (Heck no...I didn't scrub his tub!!)

So, the moral of the story is: if someone wants to walk out of your life, help them PACK. Buy them a one-way TICKET. And with tears of joy, let them go!!!

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