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I know my worth

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risingfromashes posted 3/23/2014 19:35 PM

Been dating someone for just 2 months and it is my first venture into the dating world since asking the ex to leave 3/2010.
He calls me on almost daily basis but in the last 3 weeks does not have time to see me. Keeps telling me about how tied up he is and unavailable. We live 4 miles away from each other. His children are grown. I do point out that I have a life too.
I do not expect to be anyone's #1 priority because I will always put my children first. Also school, career etc. But I should be in somewhere the top 25 priority list.
I am not angry, annoyed or bothered. I told him in a friendly voice that he should call me when he has time to see me. I meant it. Think he did not really hear me. Oh well.
I will never take a back seat again. I will never allow myself to be treated as an after thought.

He steps up I will see him again. If not, his loss. Damn New Beginnings is so empowering!

somer222 posted 3/23/2014 20:08 PM

Good for you! You handled this situation very well.

Bluebird26 posted 3/24/2014 04:02 AM


It's great you can recognise when someone isn't maintaining your boundaries.

cmego posted 3/24/2014 10:36 AM

It is very empowering to say, "I deserve better" and walk away. :) Good for you.

I call it "the art of letting go".

risingfromashes posted 3/24/2014 17:19 PM

I call it "the art of letting go"

Exactly!! After hanging on to my marriage like a drowning person clinging to a sinking ship, I know that letting go is a huge step in the direction of growth and healing.

I have worried in the past few years that I might not have the ability to recognize when I am being co-dependent and wind up in another destructive relationship. Nope. Crossed that off my list!

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