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The Hell!!! (Rant), Insight Needed..

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NikkiD posted 3/24/2014 07:58 AM

So, I have basically been no contact with WS for the last 3 months. Can’t really say I’m missing anything. And I am well on my way to being at peace with filing; i.e. indifference).

Saturday, I sent him a message about changing out a sliding glass door for another option. He does contracting for a living and as far as I am concerned, this is a business question. He answered my initial question, said that he would install my door for free and then proceeded me more info in effort to help me decide what the best option for me would be. I said “thanks” and that was that on the matter. 4 hours later, he sends a random text saying, to only text him about matters regarding the children, all other subjects need to be sent via email. My response (Thx).

First of all, I know I shouldn’t care, but (VENT STARTS HERE): Motha fucka, I will contact you any way in the hell I please about whatever I please. IDGAF about you, ya side bitch or whatever stick yall got up yall’s asses about me contacting you. I am still the wife, and if you want me not to me then you two ratchet, rabbit hole ass suckas can get ya duckets together and file for the D to get the process going. Besides, unless the side bitch is dumb….if she can unlock ya phone, she as all access to logged in apps, email included...(end rant).

WTF is that about? When I tell yall I don’t call him for nothing, I mean that. I ain’t begging for another chance…..when he does get the kids, I set it up for him to get them from school and the sitter, or my moms so I don’t have to even see him. WTF is he trying to pull here? He aint doing shyt unless he files first, so I don’t have to spend MY money. I have not, in any way shape or form, contacted him about anything but kids, or his business dealing for which I was the main contact person. I am trying to be amicable, but the super-hero-bitch is about to make an appearance and neither one of them sorry muh-fyckas are about that life.

SBB posted 3/24/2014 08:22 AM

Not to be funny but I understand why the whore doesn't trust him.

Will this house be sold and the proceeds going to both of you? It is in his best interests do save you both money on tradies. So I get it.

Otherwise I personally would not ask the sad clown for anything. I'd rather gouge my own eyes out. I would be FURIOUS if he contacted me for anything other than kids/finances. Business question? I'd tell him to go fuck himself (actually it would be crickets with a silent go fuck yourself).

Again, unless it was in the context of getting the house ready for sale.

Gently, he can enforce his (or his whores) boundaries on you at any time. That is his right - married or not.

I made the sad clown file - let him do the running around, pay the $800 filing fee. Fuck him. But I did not still consider myself his wife in any away post S. It was a technicality.

Again, if getting the house ready for sale then I'm with you, he's an idjat but he still gets to choose his own boundaries.

If you have a working co-parenting/parallel parenting situation going on I would not jeopardise it over this. Is it a shitty thing to do, agreeing and then reneging? Yes. Is he obligated to help you? No. Does this have anything to do with your parenting of your children together? No.

I know you're angry - I get it and I was too. He left the car we were sharing with no petrol on my day, I was a brand new driver and freaked the fuck out on my way to pick up my girls from daycare. In the city - nearest petrol station a 20m drive away on a good day, who knows in heavy peak hour traffic. He told me it wasn't his problem. He was right - morally no but in reality he was right. My problems were no longer his problem anymore that his problems were mine.

But you need to go beat the shit out of a boxing bag or something and let thus one go. Even if you are preparing the house for sale this is not the hill to die on.

NikkiD posted 3/24/2014 08:33 AM

He put the door in, so that is why I asked. I didnt ask him to do anything to it, just asked how viable another option would be.

But you are right. I wont be texting him about the kids (unless his signature is needed or they are near death) or email him for ANYTHING. I will figure anything out about them myself and just wait on him to contact me for them in terms of weekend visits.

I guess I am pissed because he sets boundaries for this bitch, but couldnt respect me enough to do the same..I really wanna punch the shit out of his dog ass. And I would willingly go to jail for it.

Hate has officially set in the front seat of this struggle bus...indifference just moved to to the back.....the ride continues....

SBB posted 3/24/2014 09:14 AM

I guess I am pissed because he sets boundaries for this bitch, but couldnt respect me enough to do the same.

Friend, he didn't - she raised hell and has him whipped. You don't want a man like that. You don't want to have to be a woman that needs to do that. Don't forget she KNOWS he's a dog so treats him as such. I bet she's not looking so shiny today. They might notice those unicorns don't fart rainbows after all.

I really wanna punch the shit out of his dog ass. And I would willingly go to jail for it.

And lose your kids to that dog? Hell.No. Plus I wouldn't touch him with a 10ft pole. I might catch the stupids again.

As good as it would feel to kick his arse (I used to daydream about stomping on him until he was just a stain on the floor) kicking his arse makes him too important. The worst damage and best revenge will be living well and reaching indifference.


Repeat until it sticks.

ETA - breathe through it. They don't call it a roller coaster for nothing. Fucking roller coasters. Channel the the anger into evicting this parasite from your mind and your life.

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NikkiD posted 3/24/2014 10:58 AM

All good points SBB. LOL.....
Its a struggle. Where I come from, you go smooth off on people and worry about it later. Bully tactics, I know. But its hard to supress it as an adult...and at least ACT like I got more sense.

But you have brought me off the ledge... Maybe the next time DS2 has projectile diarrhea I will text him and say the kids are dying to see him...let him deal with the shit storm for a change.

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SBB posted 3/24/2014 11:08 AM

But you have brought me off the ledge... Maybe the next time DS2 has projectile diarrhea I will text him and say the kids are dying to see him...let him deal with the shit storm for a change.

That's the spirit!

Buy a punching bag and put his face on it. Me? I rage clean. I scrubbed my bathroom on hands and knees, inch by inch with a scrubbing brush old school style - smiling all the while because I was imagining scrubbing his face off.

The rage has gone which I'm glad of as it was eating me alive. I do miss my sparkling bathrooms though....

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Threnody posted 3/24/2014 11:12 AM


stronger08 posted 3/24/2014 11:43 AM

Damn right the OW is jealous..... How you get em is how you lose em. $50.00 says she checks his phone and text activity daily, ergo his pussy whipped response. Its actually funny because this is what they wanted. Nothing like a relationship that has no trust, built on a foundation of lies and deceit. Make some popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show. Take bets with your friends on who is going to cheat first. Beep Beep !!!!!!!

hummingbird8 posted 3/24/2014 11:52 AM

You are finding reasons to contact him. Stop. My husband makes his ex send all contact by email, I wasn't jealous. But he wanted her to stop harassing him and text for every single "business" reason. He finally blocked her cell number because she wouldn't stop. If it's important email. If not don't contact him.

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