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why cant he just stop!?

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justlikethat posted 3/24/2014 21:04 PM

WS has gone from excited I found out about his EAs and saying he was thrilled to be done with me. To saying he doesn't want a divorce and trying to manipulate me into staying. He apologizes constantly and says he still loves me and no one else. It enrages me because I KNOW he has been talking to old girlfriends in the last week, because I have seen proof. Everytime he apologizes I ask how can he be sorry when he is still lying. I ask again for the whole truth and he says he told me everything. What the hell is his problem and how do I keep my distance from his little roller coaster while I'm still having to live in the same house?

justlikethat posted 3/24/2014 21:26 PM

I felt so good today. Until he sucked me into this conversation about how sorry he is and how he really doesn't want a divorce. Now I'm back to sad and confused :(

WaryOptimist posted 3/24/2014 21:37 PM

Don't give him the opportunity to suck you in; distance yourself physically (if not emotionally, that will hopefully come with time and enough physical separation).

Try to create your own space in the house you have to share. Set yourself up in the spare bedroom? Get a lock on the door. Leave the house well before him, or well after him. Demand that he respect your wishes regarding interaction.


Hope2B posted 3/25/2014 03:07 AM

If you aren't doing it yet, I'd suggest doing a hard 180. More info about the 180 can be found in the clickable link to The Healing Library, off to the left of the screen.
Take care of yourself!

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