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Didn't mention this before hand

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SoHappyNow posted 3/26/2014 16:22 PM

But, I'm telling y'all now. I just had a total knee replacement of my left knee today. Surgery started about 5 hours ago and I am up in my hospital room now. I have chased my husband out for the day - he has had nothing to eat yet - and am now amusing myself on my tablet.

They fussed at me in recovery for moving my knee too much. I was sliding my foot toward my butt, waving bye bye with both feet and lifting feet up with a straight knee.

I'm supposed to only eat soup this evening, but I plan to talk the nurse into solid food, since I have a cast iron stomach. Once I ate a really gooey pizza and went across the path from the restaurant to ride a roller coaster which kept me upside down for a good portion of the ride, and whipped me around good for the rest of the time. My stomach was just peachy keen.

SoHappyNow posted 3/26/2014 20:59 PM

No comments? {slight pouty face}

MovingUpward posted 3/26/2014 21:33 PM

So how are you doing this evening? Did you attempt solid food? How is the pain?

I hope you recover quickly.

jo2love posted 3/26/2014 21:49 PM


I hope you feel better and recovery quickly. Sending mojo and good thoughts.

Rainbows posted 3/26/2014 21:58 PM


Hope you have a speedy recovery and are up and about soon!

Maybe you can talk the nurse into sneaking some yummy snacks.

heartbroken_kk posted 3/26/2014 22:00 PM

We know you are fine!!!!!

tough lady. Hope they are bringing you all the yummy post-surgery sustenance you can stomach!


Jrazz posted 3/26/2014 22:10 PM

Wow. I would have lobbed that pizza back so fast...

I'm glad you're doing better. Sending good thoughts for a quick recovery.

thebighurt posted 3/26/2014 23:11 PM

Hope the good news continues and you amaze them all. If anything, it sounds like your problem with it might be wearing it out too fast!

TrustNoOne posted 3/26/2014 23:26 PM

I think the pain meds are working effectively :D

little turtle posted 3/27/2014 09:00 AM

Hope you have a speedy recovery!!

SoHappyNow posted 3/27/2014 09:23 AM

TrustnoOne......I am getting some GOOD drugs!

I had solid food last night- very tasty - with no problems! And I took my first walk this morning which went quite smoothly with manageable pain (the physical therapist was telling the physicians assistant to my surgeon "The femoral block has worn off and look how well she's doing!"

InnerLight posted 3/27/2014 09:24 AM

I hope you recover fast and well!

InnerLight posted 3/27/2014 09:25 AM

I hope you recover fast and well!

better4me posted 3/27/2014 12:24 PM

you are a trooper extraordinaire!

Threnody posted 3/27/2014 16:08 PM

I make it a point to piss my nurses off. Okay, not really. It just kind of happens. I don't take the full (or any) pain dose and I get up and move around as soon as possible (i.e., taking a shower within 10 hours of a C-section... twice. I'm really good at showering with my arm sticking out so I don't get the IV wet.)

I hope you're doing well, and I hope you got the solid food you wanted. That was the best part for me -- I could get rice pudding or grits without having to make it, and I could order double! "Gee, I usually get a salad, but since you want me to eat softer foods..."

You'll be doing high kicks in no time with that new knee.

BAB61 posted 3/28/2014 00:54 AM

Great job! I had a hip replacement 11 Mar, I woke up in recovery doing foot pumps! lol I posted a pic in Fun & Games 2014 pic thread of me in hospital!

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