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Zumba hater!

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heartbroken2012 posted 3/27/2014 10:45 AM

I HATE ZUMBA. I cant stand to hear someone mention Zumba, I cant stand to see people in Zumba, and I basically just HATE everything about it.


To me (this is only true to my twisted mind and world) - Zumba is for homewrecking sluts. I KNOW in my rational mind that this is not at all the case, BUT the homewrecking, ugly, old bag-of-a-whore OW took and currently takes Zumba.

It is a HUGE trigger for me. WH (before I knew about the A) would talk about how his "co-worker" was in Zumba and how she was really good at it (dance in the break room). WH would tell me that I should take it.

So im SURE that whore OW takes Zumba to try and get her middle-aged frumpy ass into shape...a feeble attempt to get her ugly, old, sagging body into shape for her SLUTTY, crotchless panty wearing activities with other women's husbands. Im sure she bragged to my husband about it. Im sure she did her dance in the break room for him to entice him and manipulate him into thinking she DIDNT look like a old horse, like she actually has some sort of attractive quality.

Im sorry babe, but if you are reading this SLUT-BAG - Zumba is not doing you a bit of good. You are old. are old. Face it. You do not look like your young, cheerleading daughter AS MUCH AS YOU WANT dont. You are NOT as skinny as you think (or as my WH tried to tell me), you are stark white, you have varicose veins on your legs, you wear ugly tennis shoes, you have straw-like dirty blond hair, your skin looks old and I have seen sun spots, you look like you were a smoker for years, chewing gum ALL the time isnt attractive, and I bet you are a lousy lay.

So go ahead and do ZUMBA with your white-trash friends, and young daughter, and make yourself THINK that you are HOT STUFF. GO AHEAD and think that just because you were able to drug my younger, good looking, sexy accent WH to sleeping with you that you still HAVE IT - you dont. You were slutty, easy, and available.


Last night WH and I took our daughter to the YMCA for tumbling, and right after her class is a ZUMBA class. I hurry us out of there before it starts. Last night I hurried us out(luckily before it started) and when I walked past the window I looked the other way. WH was behind me, and saw me turn away and he said "WOW"....and I turned back to him and said "YA, It bothers me THAT much".

He just doesnt freaking get it. Later when I mentioned it he said to stop talking about the A subject "It was BORING".

Dont you just HATE slutty, homewrecking woman who have sex with other woman's husbands? Sick...yes they are sick.

confused615 posted 3/27/2014 10:58 AM

Yes..I do hate them.

I think the unremorseful WH who refuses to support his wife in healing from the catostrophic damage he has caused is way worse.

Your wayward husband is beyond cruel to you.

Please read the 180. Please. This is killing you. I've watched it, bit by bit. Please try the 180.

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OutoftheDeep posted 3/27/2014 15:11 PM

God, dancing in the break room, how trashy. You know what heartbroken, I am a dancer (NOT Zumba) and I am darn beautiful at it, and I would NEVER pull out the moves in the breakroom. I am disgusted at this.

I'm gonna say something that will hopefully make you feel better:

Zumba is NOT dance, at least, it's not the same as being devoted to a dance for years, learning it, sweating it, bleeding it and treasuring it as art. Sorry, but she's not a dancer. Just because 3 months ago you joined the work out class at the local strip mall and bop around to music does not mean you are "a dancer".

I hope I don't disrespect anyone who does Zumba. I think it's a good work out, and I applaud anyone who does it to be healthy. But for this broad to prance around and act like she is some kind of awesome "dancer", well is all I can say

ETA: I wish she sees what I just wrote

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Chicky posted 3/27/2014 22:35 PM

I'm a Zumba instructor and I'm not offended. But then again, I'm not a middle aged homewrecking tamp who takes the classes because I think it makes me cool.

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