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Need job hunt/ interview advice

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wannabenormal posted 3/28/2014 00:31 AM

I would really like to find another job.

I've been applying online like crazy. I'm hearing crickets (companies don't even seem to send the 'thanks but no thanks' reply email anymore!)

I've had 2 leads (and interviews) from someone I know in the last 7 months! First interview; it went well, but the company decided not to replace the person that left. I know that for a fact, so I didn't feel too bad about not getting that. The second interview was earlier this week and in a nutshell; I didn't do well.

My questions are:

1) Without a super network of professional friends that can hire me themselves, how DO I look for work? Do you contact a recruiter? If so - just like google that for your area?

So many of my friends are hard-working professionals (like me) but 99% not in my field.

2) I need interview help!

Background - I've been on very few job interviews in my life. I feel like a weirdo because I know my job 'stuff' well, have lots of experience. I get along with other pretty well - but I somehow like dud out in interviews. I think I get too nervous? I try to PRETEND to be super outgoing and sell myself, but it isn't me and so I guess it probably comes off as fake or weird. GAH!

tushnurse posted 3/28/2014 07:36 AM

Personally just try to be yourself.

Ask questions about the job, the role, how long the role has been around, get a feel for it.

As someone who had done interviews and hired people, I can say the more interest one shows in a job the more likely I am to hire them. Even if they don't come across as the most outgoing person in the world.

Be you, be confident in who you are. Afterall you are an amazing person, who is smart, strong, and capable.

hexed posted 3/28/2014 08:03 AM

job hunting sucks. I don't know what your skill set is but professional organization and websites are great for job leads. I've had some success via linked in. I use industry specific job boards if I don't have any personal leads. I know several people that have had success with recruiters/angencies. Some of the companies I work with hire primarily from these types of firms.

Find one of those professional friends and do practice interviews. Seriously it helps. Especially if the person your practicing with has been an interviewer before. Write down what went well with the first interview and what went wrong in the second.

Do not be afraid of saying "I don't know" if you really don't. You can phrase it a little differently but I don't know is OK if it's followed up well. "i've never had that experience but when I encounter a new situation here is how I deal with it....."

Also, don't be afraid to state what you do know and be definitive in how you'd handle something. I was hired in February by a new company. The hiring manager told me that the key in her decision is that I responded to a situational question with a very definitive response. "I would do XYZ". She commented that so many people answered with "I would check with my manager/lead". As part of my job, I should know what to do in that situation and wasting my manager's time with that wouldn't be appropriate. Know what you know...say it. Know what you don't...have a plan of how to respond to it.

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cryingdaily posted 3/28/2014 08:07 AM

I wish I could help but I'm going through the exact same thing.

For at least 8 months I've been looking, sending resumes and hearing mostly nothing.

I've had three interviews, two of them were right up my ally and I did very well.......and came in 2nd place both times.

The third one was not quite in my field of expertise but I went for it anyway. Don't think I even came close with that one

I've been at my job for 14 years and I'm finding that to be a problem.

One of the jobs I lost out on was because they wanted someone to start right away. Due to my current position, I'd need to give at least 2 weeks notice but I'd like to give 3 to be sure I can either finish up projects or have a chance to make the transition to another person easier.

You are not alone.

Dreamboat posted 3/28/2014 15:09 PM

Why specifically do you think you did not do well in the interview?

I agree with tushnurse, the more interest you show in the job and in the company the better. So do as much research as possible about the company beforehand so you can ask intelligent questions.

Also be prepared to answer some tough questions like how do you handle a difficult team mate; what are your strengths and weaknesses; have you ever had conflict with a manager and how did you handle it; Why are you looking for a new job

Finally, walk into the interview with confidence. Tell yourself that you KNOW you are the best person for the job and they will also know that by the end of the interview. And be yourself. No one expect everybody to be super outgoing so don't try to fake that. Plus most jobs do not require someone to be super outgoing (possible exception is sales). Just show quiet confidence and that will shine thru.


sisoon posted 3/28/2014 16:54 PM

Liz Ryan's has loads of free resources that help.

I have no connection with Liz or the site except as a consumer of her stuff.

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