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whatliesahead posted 3/28/2014 15:29 PM

If the majority of married men cheat and the minority of married women cheat, why does it seem the minority of the men who are faithful seem to end up with the unfaithful women?

It’s one o’clock in the morning; do you know where your spouse is?

I am not stubborn simply because I choose to stand by my convictions. If you had stood by yours we would still be married.

If an unfaithful wife states she is not sure she and her husband should have sex if he is not certain that he will remain in the marriage, then what is he to do, get divorced, wait until she remarries, then try again?

Whoever decided to get rid of the scarlet A should have their butt kicked.

How could one possibly state “I was a good mother”, “I was a dutiful wife”, “I cheated on you” all in the same breath with a straight face?

A man who does not honor and treat his wife respect is simply not a man.

justlikethat posted 3/29/2014 00:33 AM


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