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We'll figure it out..

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better4me posted 3/29/2014 09:31 AM

When discussing what we were "doing" regarding dating each other at this stage in our lives, these were the words in a text from my new beau: "We'll figure it out". He has no idea how comforting and reassuring and soul touching those words are for me. I don't think I realized how reassuring and comforting they were until the tears came into my eyes when reading them last night.

Better4me is just going to go with the flow and "be" with this. With everything. Ahhhhhhh

cmego posted 3/29/2014 10:58 AM

Can I give this a hundred "likes"???

Makes me happy.

norabird posted 3/29/2014 15:35 PM

What a lovely approach.

gypsybird87 posted 3/30/2014 17:34 PM

inconnu posted 3/30/2014 19:04 PM

momofthree2007 posted 3/30/2014 19:12 PM

It's amazing what does little words can do. When I came to the realization that my marriage was pretty much over after my XWH's DDays, I met an amazing man who I opened up to about my situation. I told him how I wanted a divorce but didn't know how my kids could handle it. He told me "you'll figure it out and when your kids are older, they'll understand." Those little words, "you'll figure out" gave me the motivation to go through with the divorce. I fell in love with him. Even though we're not together, we're still friends and he has a special place in my heart. I don't know what the future may bring for us, but thanks to those little words, I had the courage to leave my drama filled emotionally abusive marriage and try to raise my kids on my own.

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