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Root canal

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Losttransport posted 3/30/2014 22:36 PM

Any advice?
I had a root canal done last Tuesday on a molar and I am still on antibiotics. The problem is I am still sore! Not just a little like the dentist said to expect, but a whole lot! I'm taking ibuprofen around the clock (I can't take the Norco: it turns me into coma-girl). I can't even chew food on that side because my whole jaw is sore and it even kind of hurts to brush.
Is this normal, and I'm just a wimp? Or is it, "wow, LT, maybe you should think about calling that dentist to take a gander at your mouth again" :)

StorybookGirl42 posted 3/30/2014 22:39 PM

This doesn't sound normal to me. Follow up with your dentist ASAP.

I had a root canal last year and was given a prescription for pain meds. I filled the script and never used it, not once. I didn't have a lot of pain at all.

Also, my dentist didn't give me antibiotics saying to come back if I had signs of infection since he's a big believer in too much antibiotics are a bad thing.

If you are having this kind of pain nearly a week later, I would call the dentist.

purplejacket4 posted 3/30/2014 23:02 PM

Call your dentist. Half or Fourth the norco. If it's knocking you out it's too strong for you.

Kajem posted 3/31/2014 00:27 AM

I used to work for a dentist, that much pain this far out is not normal and worth a phone call. Some sensitivity is to be expected, but not pain.

sisoon posted 3/31/2014 03:36 AM

I've had 2, and for both the pain cleared up pretty quickly - it was almost unbearable when the roots were infected.

Until you get to your dentist, you might try aspirin if quarter or half of a Norco doesn't work - root pain is the only thing I've experienced that responds well to aspirin, and aspirin is the only non-'script thing that helped me with root pain.

I hope you feel better quick.

confused girl posted 3/31/2014 04:46 AM

Please give your dentist a call. I have had several root canals and this isn't normal.

On my first root canal, the pain afterwards was unbearable. I kept thinking it was normal and after about a week I called the dentist and was instructed to come in immediately. Turns out the temporary crown was just slightly too high and my teeth were hitting improperly. He ground the temporary crown a bit (took about 10 seconds) and the relief was almost instantaneous. I was so upset at myself that I waited when it was such an easy fix.

Losttransport posted 3/31/2014 22:23 PM

Thank you everyone for your concern and answers. I did go see the dentist today and everything looked fine to him. He said that he really had to work on my tooth and it may still be sensitive for a bit. It's a lot better today. I don't know if it really is, or if the power of positive thinking is the cause. Maybe my "pity-me-itis" was flaring up :)
Thanks again, good night!

Gottagetthrough posted 4/1/2014 06:44 AM

so glad that you are feeling better! I have had two (on the same tooth). My dentist did the first one, and it hurt a lot after (but only for about a day or so)

I had an endodontist do the 2nd one, and I don't even remember any pain. The experience was night and day.

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