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augustmarie posted 3/30/2014 23:09 PM

April 2nd is my 3 year wedding anniversary, although through 30 surgeries as my husband healed through being wounded in combat, a preemie baby and a surgery of my own due to pregnancy complications it seems like forever.

Since I found out about his deployment affair a month ago we have decided to reconcile. I'm just not sure what to celebrate during our 3 year anniversary. I feel like we have lived the i"in sickness" and "for worse" part of our vows.

How did you guys celebrate anniversary milestones without being depressed about what to celebrate?

jupiter13 posted 3/31/2014 02:44 AM

wow almost the same. For better and worst 4 years I remained faithful while he was in prison. In sickness and health, the next 4 years while I was in and out of surgery's however he didn't remain faithful. We had even had the big talk about not being happy. Our big 10 yr anniversary coming up was a big deal to us both as a mile stone in our life together and to each of us in our path. I new he wasn't happy and neither was I but with the last surgery coming up and after a 6 week restriction I would be almost back to old self. I made a promise to him if he would just hold on a little longer as these changes were going to happen no matter what we do or don't do. However he choose to go out anyway. That up coming anniversary he spent in jail as he put his hands on me while telling me what he did. The next anniversary he was too busy working, he took me to dinner 3 nights later. This last anniversary it was just cards/dinner as I did not want to acknowledge that day as anything special. I also no longer wear my ring. Our new anniversary date is DDay. This will always be the day my world ended and our world got jump started in this world of pain. It all makes me angry since this is all about the broken little boy in him, it is not about me. It is up to him to make whatever day he chooses to be our anniversary wonderful I no longer even acknowledge it as anything special. Yes I am angry about this this date will alwys be one I regret.

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