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talking out loud

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rachelc posted 3/31/2014 13:03 PM

This vulnerability thing has me thinking. I think itís harder for some than others. I have no problem telling my husband what Iím thinking Ė the big stuff, not necessarily everything. Do you have to trust with vulnerability? If you are vulnerable and let go of the outcome this is a risk, but itís one Iím taking. I mean really, I have nothing to lose at this point so why not if this is what I want in a marriage.

Trust Ė Iíve checked 1000 times and everything was above board. It took about two years. Iím guessing I donít know everything but Iím confident heís being faithful and wants to be a good man.

So then I try to figure out what is really bothering me. Resentment. A whole bunch of it.. and I do realize these are my mountains to climb but they are oh so tall Ė he didnít confess in either affair, he has never offered me compassion for being raped but more of a ďhow could you put yourself in that position?Ē thing and ďI have to forgive you for not suing himĒ thing, among others. I guess it feels good to narrow this down. Iím not sure how to let these go. But Iím only holding myself back from my own happiness.

This weekend we helped our 25 year old daughter move. I was so sad driving home. If we divorced she wouldnít call me to help her move, sheíd call the muscle. There would be separate holidays and grandparenting and wedding attending. Itís this kind of crap that makes me feel like Iím in a lose/lose situation and the only thing I can win with is my attitude change. An ďI forgive you for everythingĒ so we can move on, which is exactly the same attitude Iíd have to have if I left as well.

Can you forgive someone but hate their effing guts for putting you in a nearly impossible position?

I didnít think soÖ.

karmahappens posted 3/31/2014 13:13 PM

An ďI forgive you for everythingĒ so we can move on, which is exactly the same attitude Iíd have to have if I left as well.

Want me to hold the rug up while you sweep?

Come on Rach, you know better.

There is no card you can play that will make everything ok.

You need to climb those mountains.You don't need to climb them all at once.

You tackle them one at a time, in 1-2 mile trips at a time.

Some days you slide back and lose your ground. You regroup and start again.

You have been sounding positive lately Rachel, is it time to regroup or are your feelings true and not just a swing for right now?

Do you believe your husband has no compassion for your attack or do you think he hasn't yet learned how to deal with it?

He didn't confess to the A's, but that will never change. Is this a deal-breaker?

If you decide you need something different than what he can offer you your life will be different, but it will be what you want and you can make it your own, and you can make it happy.

One struggle at a time. Breathe and try to make decisions based on what makes you happy inside. We live with much more life than we do holidays...kwim?


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rachelc posted 3/31/2014 13:50 PM

awww Karma, you're right! I have climbed some mountains already now that I look at it. Big ones too!

I guess it's time to regroup. But narrowing down some things and knowing what I need to work on is good.

karmahappens posted 3/31/2014 14:19 PM


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