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Watched The Great Gatsby last night. Spoiler Alert!

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betrayedhusband posted 4/1/2014 06:19 AM

Never read the book or saw the movie before last night. Avoided it because I knew it contained infidelity. fWW wanted to watch it. I told her after the movie that I was very happy with the results of the car crash and the shooting. Both of the APs were dead.

Of course, then again, my fWW was an AP when looked at from the other side, so I wouldn't want that fate to befall her. It was just a movie, I don't really think death is the proper punishment.

So, I guess I just look at the end of that movie that maybe the couple can start over and be faithful to one another. No chance for contact. Remourse for their misdeeds.

itainteasy posted 4/1/2014 06:54 AM

Daisy's husband is serial cheater though, so he probably would just find another floozy (if the book were reality, that is).

I have mixed feelings about the book and movie. As a story, just a story without any comparison to my life, I can enjoy it.

selfrespect911 posted 4/1/2014 08:33 AM

My WH's AP called herself "His Daisy".

As a Lit grad, I laughed hysterically at the irony of it. Because she's right - my husband is the stuck-in-the-past, lying, insecure Gatsby and she IS the immature, immoral floozy who needs attention.

Of course, she didn't mean it like that. She was only looking at the romanticised idea of a man loving his old girlfriend for years and never moving on.

It's nice to think of the story that way, but that was certainly not the point Fitzgerald was making. If we romanticise anything it's about letting go of the romanticised past and learning that life goes on no matter what, things change, and we need to learn how to move forward into reality, and not run from ourselves or our past. Twats.

So she's absolutely right. She IS Daisy, and my stupid foggy WH IS Gatsby, living a double life.

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norabird posted 4/1/2014 11:01 AM

I was just thinking about the infidelity in this book/movie this morning. Poor Daisy is stuck with the worst type of unrepentant wayward. I know RAs are bad, but the rugsweeping in her M is worse to me. Different time I guess.

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