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Doubting yourself

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mof2 posted 4/1/2014 08:26 AM

It has been a long road trying to figure out ME. In the last 2 laid off from a job that I was great at due to discontinuation of operations, got pregnant and suffered a miscarriage and XWH left for another woman.

Almost two years later, I am throwing myself into a career change. My degree is in Accounting which I have done since I got my degree. After everything that has happened, I went through a change and a friend who is big in real estate where I live said I needed to be in real estate. Her words "it is you! You are such a people person." I have now completed the courses and just waiting for my test date.

With all that being said, my fear.....failure. I feel like I have failed so much the last couple of years that I don't see a good future. Has anyone gone through this? How do you get through it and believe in yourself again?

Leia posted 4/1/2014 10:19 AM

I took some on line tests for a job that I didn't get. Part of it was math, and well, I haven't been in a math class for over 20 years. So it was hard. But, I just told myself that the experience was worth it to have, and that I'm one step closer to moving on to something else. I would give the same advice to you. It is scary, but it is one step closer to where you need to be. Best of luck on your test. Hugs!

norabird posted 4/1/2014 11:39 AM

I think the best thing to do is face the fears. You will likely find out that you are able to far exceed your expectations. And perhaps do some IC to discuss how to find a more positive approach/outlook? I think getting over fear of being hurt/failing is very hard after going through a trauma like betrayal, especially compounded by a career change and the loss of a pregnancy. It's human to struggle with not expecting the best but rather worrying about the worst.

I'm sure you'll be a great realtor!

Pass posted 4/1/2014 12:25 PM

I feel like I have failed so much the last couple of years

Horseshit! I don't see any personal failure in your story.

- You were laid off because of a management decision, NOT fired for incompetence.

- You had a miscarriage. Sadly, that's just a thing that happens from time to time. You didn't cause it.

- You were left by a lying, cheating arsehole. HE failed to keep his marriage together. You are free from said lying, cheating arsehole.

You didn't cause any of those things to happen. They're hard fucking knocks - no doubt about that - but they do NOT represent any failure on your part.

You are going to rock the real estate world.

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