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Being served

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hopefulfourus posted 4/1/2014 17:59 PM

What exactly is in the paperwork when your POS is served divorce papers? We began this process 5 years ago and stopped it. Thought things could be worked out however it did not. So I begin the whole process over. I could easily call my L but I don't want unnecessary fees adding up for single questions.

Is it just informing them a petition is being filed?. Or does it start to get into things like custody, etc??


ProbableIceCream posted 4/1/2014 18:05 PM

It depends on the state, but the broad outline of a lawsuit is that you file with the court, and service is giving the other party a copy of the papers you filed with the court (along with any legally required notices, which can exist with divorces). If you use a process server, that is generally sufficient proof that you've served the other party and the clock to respond starts. Alternately there are other ways to provide service such as getting the other party to sign an acceptance of service in front of a notary.

Again, this varies by state.

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