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I should have known better

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fireproof posted 4/2/2014 23:52 PM

I was misunderstood again

I feel defeated and I need to stay strong. What comes first staying strong or having your confidence?

I guess I just need to vent so I might actually go to sleep tonight.

This NB is full of surprises and unfortunately the past.

Here's to a few happier days

homewrecked2011 posted 4/2/2014 23:55 PM

I was misunderstood at work the other day...

It is difficult when all of this is wrapped up together,,, our confidence, being strong, putting our best foot forward each day,,


abbycadabby posted 4/3/2014 08:24 AM

What comes first staying strong or having your confidence?

I could be wrong but I think it varies. Sometimes we are more confident than at other times. At times when we feel such defeat I think we try to stay strong until we get our confidence back. You know... the whole, "fake it till you make it" thing.

I'm sorry things are tough for you lately. Don't be defeated. Pick your awesome self up and keep moving forward!


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tabitha95 posted 4/3/2014 12:36 PM

I get this. I'm a bit goofy and make jokes a lot of people don't get.

I've had to tell myself that as far as relationships go, I will be myself and that if someone doesn't "get" me, then they're not the person I should be with.

fireproof posted 4/3/2014 13:16 PM

Thank you for the positive messages.

Letting out a huge sigh is helpful.

There are over a billion people out there

One foot in front of the other

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