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Abbondad's New Beginning

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Abbondad posted 4/3/2014 04:23 AM

Good morning, New Beginnings Friends!

I am SO glad I can finally join you :-)


seekingright2013 posted 4/3/2014 04:27 AM

Welcome, Abbondad! Lots of encouragement and wisdom here, glad you made it!

DeadMumWalking posted 4/3/2014 06:12 AM

Woo Hoooooo!!!!

SBB posted 4/3/2014 06:20 AM

Have I mentioned how much I love it that your divorce was finalised on April Fools Day? I love it. Wish it was 2013 alas 2014 is better than 2015.

Welcome, friend. We're a nice bunch here. Mind the threads about pubic hair stylings and BOBs - you strike me as a raging blusher.

wildbananas posted 4/3/2014 08:07 AM


IrishLass518 posted 4/3/2014 08:15 AM

Welcome AD

Williesmom posted 4/3/2014 08:17 AM


And welcome to the new life of Abbondad. You'll be fine.

little turtle posted 4/3/2014 08:47 AM

Welcome!!! I'm looking forward to hearing about your adventures as a divorced dad.

getnbtr1 posted 4/3/2014 08:52 AM

waving hi.

FaithFool posted 4/3/2014 08:54 AM


Dad, so glad you made it to our side. Mind your step.

Chrysalis123 posted 4/3/2014 09:05 AM


nowiknow23 posted 4/3/2014 09:07 AM

Welcome to NB, AD!

hexed posted 4/3/2014 09:46 AM


welcome to the next phase

Undefinabl3 posted 4/3/2014 11:56 AM

So glad you are here!!! Let the NB's begin!

k94ever posted 4/3/2014 13:31 PM

If a thread here says TMI it really means TMI. Open at your own risk.

And welcome. We are fun, but not crazy


emmybear posted 4/3/2014 13:35 PM

Congrats! Here's to new beginnings

heartbroken_kk posted 4/3/2014 15:16 PM

Welcome AD!

You will like this forum, it is a place of continued healing and closure, and a fresh look at moving on into your own new future.

ProbableIceCream posted 4/3/2014 20:01 PM

I just had this hilarious picture of you going through the plot of Escape by Rupert Holmes, except it's your XWW who shows up at O'Malley's and there's a record scratch and the song stops.

Sorry, I have a twisted imagination. Good luck with your new life!

RavenWood posted 4/3/2014 21:12 PM

Welcome aboard!

million pieces posted 4/3/2014 21:30 PM


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