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Is your WS a therapist/counselor?

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frenchmoxie posted 4/5/2014 02:00 AM

Is there anyone else here who has a WS that has a career as a therapist/counselor/psychologist? My WS is a therapist. I just find it ironic that he can counsel other people on how to live their lives and deal with trauma, yet he couldn't deal with his own emotional shit. It drives me insane! I even said to him "Well this doesn't seem to be a good sign for your future career, huh?"

BeautifulEmpty posted 4/5/2014 02:08 AM

I think a lot of times people become therapists to help others because of their own issues.
I think it's extremely sucky that someone in his position did's rather like a priest or pastor doing it, but I doubt it's uncommon.
I'm sorry you find yourself here but it's the best place to be, if you have to be.

frenchmoxie posted 4/5/2014 09:49 AM

Thanks. I feel like this is some really cruel joke for him to be a counselor and to have betrayed me the way he did

Thinkingtoomuch posted 4/5/2014 09:59 AM

On my DD xwf came to me and excitedly said "Do you SEE why a counselor couldn't help us??!!"

I just looked at him. (I had no idea at the time all the stuff and craziness that the A had put into our relationship and my life. Boy did I find out soon and still 3 yrs. later am).

Had to make him leave as I found him texting her that night.

On the phone soon after Dd when he was sneakily trying to start a fight with me and make me look like the bad one, I asked him twice if "she" knew we were engaged. And he said yes. So I said "well that says alot about HER resume, doesn't it?" (He dealt alot with resumes as he lost his job 3 times in our 8 years together trying to pay bills and hold it together)

Then 3 weeks later when he came to get his stuff, and he was rude and nasty to me at the cell phone store to get me off his plan, I asked him what work she did.

He said, yes and I emphasize: A THERAPIST.

I just laughed and said "oh, that'll be fun!"

Whatever. Let her have him. A few weeks later he said "It blew up."

Hopefully this doesn't offend or trigger you. Just my experience.

I told my IC it was crazymaking. Hard to put it into words.

5454real posted 4/5/2014 14:18 PM

The fourth woman who cheated on me was with me for 7 years. Helped her get her college degree, then further her MSW with an emphasis in marital counseling . Within 6 months of graduation she had found her *true love*.

Turned out that the guy, while not a patient, was dealing with the loss of his W to cancer. She just was *helping*.

But of course, all the problems that suddenly developed in the last 4 months(before I caught them) of the relationship were all due to my faults.

It's a special kind of crazy making because they have the handbook of how to mess you up in the process of them cheating.

frenchmoxie posted 4/6/2014 00:52 AM

I also find it interested that the OW he was involved with has training in counseling as well, and she is a social worker! HAHA. It's like ... these two pathetic, broken losers are perfect for each other. As to why he would gravitate towards a woman who is so weak, who knows?

OW was also in many abusive relationships with other men, and from the sounds of it, she never had the strength to deal with those issues/get out of the relationships. so she turned to MY EX for comfort.

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