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omg accidental trigger Yikes helppppp :(

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shygirl07 posted 4/5/2014 20:56 PM

wow I am in a public coffee shop attempting to use their wifi and it wouldn't work unless I checked in on facebook. I don't have facebook anymore so I made a fake account because I came here to do school work. Well I make this fake account and this first person who pops up as a suggested friend is the OW !! THE HW !!!
She is holding their baby, the pic was small and my heart jumped in my throat ... (( I don't know how to make summery thing underneath my post but I was with the POS for 7 years, he got back with his ex behind my back while we were together and right after she moved in and got prego ))

I really have been good about not looking. I am deactivating this account as soon as I finish . I got some terrible news today about immediate family I haven't fully processed. I haven't talked to the POS in a year and a half , exactly when I found out about their odd relationship . He is scum. I HATE how she always makes her life seem so amazing on facebook. She has no job no education nothing she clings to men for financial support and she knowsn how to work these men really good. I am getting my masters, traveling, living life etc I coulda popped out his child but hes a loser druggie ( he has money , trust fund baby , that's I think why she wants him) but I didn't. And now she posts her stupid child on there. . people know me and him were together a loooooong time............... so she carries that shame of a HW ... but again its fakebook shes putting her fairytale life on there.. which isn't a fairytale im sure..

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