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Gottagetthrough posted 4/6/2014 13:20 PM

Um, why in the world does everyone have to be so damn BUSY all the time. Its like if you are not busy, you are lazy. No in between.

I over scheduled the hell out of our April. WHY! I have 2 kids. I am not Michelle Duggar with 19 kids. I should theoretically have he ability to prepare dinner, eat at the table, have some family time, watch tv, take a neighborhood walk.

No, its a playdate with one kid, gymnastics for the other, oh, they have toddler gym at the same time, yep, sign the baby up for that.

I just got a notice about a music camp . Heck yeah! We aren't doing anything from 11-12 on Wednesdays, why not! We can eat lunch in the car while we speed from music to that starts at 1 two towns over.

I also feel, since turning 35, that I have to do everything NOW! I am in SUCH a rush. A goal of mine is to earn a phd. Now is not the right time. I can go back and earn this phd in 10 years. There is no age cut off. But I am constantly looking at classes, thinking of old profs and work contacts to recommend me...

I also want to have 2 more kids. (Now this, this actually cant wait too much longer. I am 35 and clocks a tickin') My plan is to be pregnant by December this year. Ok, that's not too out there.

For my kids- Its are we getting enough socialization, what have we done lately, have we seen the new exhibit at the museum, did you practice your instrument, did you eat any superfoods today

Damnit! Life used to be easy, I had 1 mommy group, my kid had friends and I didn't worry about socialization. WHY do we, since moving 2 years ago, now belong to 3 parent-kid social groups, plus church, girl scouts, and other activities... (I know why... when we moved I checked out every social group around to see where we would fit in, and ended up really liking 3... now its tough to leave any of them)

AHHH! I need to take it down a notch, get off the coffee and have a staycation

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