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tax question

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AlwaysBeenStrong posted 4/10/2014 06:19 AM

A little bit of my story, 7 years ago, we had suffered from the Big 3 buyouts. His mother purchased the "marrital" home. During the past 7 years, I had been trying to have his mother let us claim it, which she replied, we cannot.

Fast forward, divorcing and amazingly, he gets to claim the house this year. After him being very rude about finding paperwork etc., he was supposed to have them done yesterday. Well I had texted to see what we would be getting, or if we owed. No response. (always no responses, so I am used to this)

I know he efiled and it will get deposited directly to his account. Should I call the attorney to force the dillweed to give me 1/2? Or should I just let him dig his grave. (he was cocky to the judge already and was ordered to pay all bills, including my car payment which I was paying, and my attorney fees).

Gemini71 posted 4/10/2014 08:07 AM

Talk to your attorney now. While he's hanging himself with the rope he has, it'll be harder to get money out of him later.

Didn't he need your signature to file? If he entered in your E-Pin for your 'signature', isn't that fraud? Yeah, I'd talk to your attorney for sure.

Leia posted 4/10/2014 11:08 AM

Really, a question for your attorney.

As for the house, whoever pays the bills gets to take the deduction--that was the rule of thumb when I worked in the tax industry.

If he did sign with your epin, that is fraud, and the IRS doesn't like that.

Nomorestrength posted 4/10/2014 13:17 PM

You also need to make sure he even filed jointly. He could have done married filing sepearate (not sure if he had your W2's), in which you could be on the hook to file yourself.

You'd also want to know if he claimed children if you have any, because if he did, you won't get any deductions separate (because he got them).

DEFINITELY contact your attorney ASAP.

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