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cdagal posted 4/10/2014 12:45 PM

So I get a phone call from the XH. Our DS is starring in a theatre production and XH wants to know when I'll be attending. He doesn't want to make me uncomfortable.....I tell him that I'll be attending the matinee performance. Hmmm,well they were planning to go to that one....That's fine, it doesn't make any difference to me. I'm just glad you will actually be attending this one and supporting our DS. He asked again if I would be uncomfortable. No, you'll just be part of the audience.
Then he goes into a mini rant about how the new wife is being really difficult, yada, yada yada and really is fed up with her. And he finds it necessary to tell me that I never gave him cause to feel that way about me. Gee, thanks. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Not. All I feel is...meh.
You know how people say that you eventually get to indifference? I'm at indifference. It's a really nice place to be

dindy posted 4/10/2014 16:04 PM

Shame he didn't appreciate you when you were together.

Glad you've reached indifference.

Enjoy your matinee!

better4me posted 4/10/2014 18:38 PM

The opposite of love is indifference. I'm glad you got there cdagal!

And the bit about his minirant about his wifetress...looks like he maybe is getting all the happiness he deserves

SBB posted 4/11/2014 03:42 AM

Geez Louise - why the hell would he think you would give a shit about his whore problems?

They so say that shacking up with the AP leaves an AP
vacancy - if he's trying to recruit his XW you can bet your arse he's peddling his rancid bait wherever he can.

The sad clown does not have the privilege or pleasure
of hearing my voice or of me listening to his.

Make no mistake - this wasn't about the performance, he just wanted to do a little fishing.

I'm happy this didn't trigger a reaction in you. That is good news.

I'm largely indifferent to his antics these days but I can't ever see myself granting him audience anymore than I would any married douchebag talking to me about his M issues.

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