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HoT update on situation #2

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Helen of Troy posted 4/10/2014 18:03 PM

So she just came over and showed me the allegations.
She was very non concerned acting.
It said that my house has an odor of marijuana.
First I don't smoke pot or cigs second no one smokes anything in this house. Third how would someone know what my house smells like if they've never been here and they're not allowed here?
Also they said I blame my kids for everything.
Anyone see the projection here? xwh is a world class blamer. The allegations said I was emotionally unstable. All this from people who do not see me do not live in town yet make claims about my home and my actions. What a bunch of liars. He and owife are really insane. Why the hell won't they just live their own lives and stop trying to find fault with mine with all of this crap which is waste of time and money and resources.
I told about court today and about the substantial increase in child support and how fucktard is really mad at me. I told about the no contact order. I said I had concerns about my kids in the car with him who has road rage and owife who is an opiate script addict, and they're not even prescribed for her according to kids.
I said how can I make these bogus calls stop?
I said I know who is making these calls they're from revenge and they're all lies. They can't tell me but I know who it is.
She said file complaint then it might mean court and it's hard to prove. She said this is a waste of resources for people who really need it. Only wanted to look downstairs.
She left didn't want to see upstairs or cabinets.

I'd like to blast this on Facebook and to the world so everyone will know how screwed up and consumed with my life these two people are. This is how he treats the mother of his kids? If he's so happy with his wife and in love why spend time doing this crap? Happy people don't try to chop others or cause them drama and strife. The guy was a serial cheater, and claimed I was and am a horrible person and hard to live with why isn't he blissfully happy now?
I want the world to know all of it. Logically yes it is best to keep quiet. And tactfully it is best to keep quiet, and keep living my life, being a good mom, employee, student and lots of self improvement and self care.
So angry this is allowed to go on. When do they finally say, stop calling us with these false calls?
When, if ever, is someone going to see through his crap and just take him down? When's karma or whatever going to come for people who are so immoral acting like this?

phmh posted 4/10/2014 19:52 PM


Glad the visit went well, but it really sucks that you had to be subjected to it.

Don't blast it on FB or say anything that might get back to them. Those sick fucks get off on getting you riled up.

If it were to get back to them how upset you got, it will only encourage them. You are the glue that is keeping their fragile relationship together.

Let it roll right off of you, and pretty soon they'll get bored, stop bothering you, and start cheating on each other. After all, they need drama in their lives and you aren't providing it.

Vent here, but don't let it get back to them!!! Don't put anything on social media!!! You really need to ignore, as unfair as it sounds, but it's what will work in the long run!!!

caregiver9000 posted 4/10/2014 20:34 PM

what visit??

Can't you just imagine him calling to follow up with CPS? Demanding to know if they were going to "do anything?" Since he is in charge in his demented fucked up head...

NO blasting. Project bliss and calm. If the law of attraction works, then you will be drawing bliss and calm to you!!

dmari posted 4/11/2014 01:02 AM

HOT, So sorry you had to go through that. I can't even imagine. I do like caregiver's idea ... "what visit?" Don't feed the fire.

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