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to my peeps who swear and curse

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caregiver9000 posted 4/10/2014 20:19 PM

PurpleRose posted 4/10/2014 20:21 PM

My "truck driver mouth" is part of what SO thinks is awesome about me. :)

However... The doosh has a disgusting vocabulary and we all know he is a fucking bitch ass liar....

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5454real posted 4/10/2014 20:22 PM

son of a bitch who knew?

Phoenix1 posted 4/10/2014 20:26 PM

Get the fuck out! So when I tell people I don't give a flying fuck or a rat's ass, or they are full of shit, need to be bitch slapped, and need to take a bath with a fucking hair dryer I am being more honest?? Shhhiiitttt....

h0peless posted 4/10/2014 20:26 PM

That shit is fuckin' badass!

caregiver9000 posted 4/10/2014 20:30 PM

I feel more "genuine" since I discovered this "other language." Thankfully, I have a pretty good filter and self control given that I work with teens!!

I am aware that a meme is far from scientifically validated truth, but I decided to accept this at face value!!!

suckstobeme posted 4/10/2014 20:30 PM

Fucking A!

I come from a long line of honest, trustworthy people. When I was a kid, my mother's favorite angry response was "god damned son of a bitch and bastard"! For years, I thought it was just one big long word.

cantaccept posted 4/10/2014 20:33 PM

It is my new hobby!

My favorite is...

crossed arms, double bird while saying "cross fucker"

I think I made that one up!

Tripletrouble posted 4/10/2014 20:34 PM

I am glad to hear this news. My ex hates my potty mouth, which I got from my pure as Christmas snow mother.

ruinedandbroken posted 4/10/2014 21:31 PM

No way! Shut the fuck up!

cayc posted 4/10/2014 21:32 PM

Just more proof that when I say that my xWH is a "low class white trash motherfucking asshole who deserves to be taken out back and shot" I'm right!

Sad in AZ posted 4/10/2014 21:33 PM

Well, fuck me 9 ways till Sunday!

(Just kidding; I already knew this shit )

Oftencheatedon posted 4/10/2014 21:52 PM

I only swear on anonymous internet boards as I can't in real life for professional reasons.

SBB posted 4/10/2014 22:15 PM


BAB61 posted 4/10/2014 22:24 PM

So, when I call my STBX a lying, cheating c*** stuffer .. I am being totally honest ... already knew that!! lol

StillLivin posted 4/10/2014 22:44 PM

El es un hijo de rechingada madre, pinche culo, cabron baboso, putisimo!
Hey, it just sounds better in Spanish!
Gosh, I never used to cuss so much.

Softcentre posted 4/11/2014 02:04 AM

I only swear on anonymous internet boards as I can't in real life for professional reasons.

This. But also much, much, swearing in my head since dday

Although I can't say it out loud, I'm not sure that "manipulative fucker" is actually swearing...when it's the truth

[This message edited by Softcentre at 2:06 AM, April 11th, 2014 (Friday)]

Vulcanized posted 4/11/2014 02:06 AM

Heh, heh.

True in my case. My sack of shit, jive ass, lazy-eyed tranny fucking XH, not so much.

cmego posted 4/11/2014 06:52 AM

My ex hated my "potty mouth".

As my BFF says, "That Fucker."

I felt really bad that, for the first time, I dropped the "f-bomb" around my kids last week. Stress….too much stress…

We just talk about it, that those words are out there and we try not to use them.

Lola2kids posted 4/11/2014 07:32 AM

DA said to me once (only once)...
"you never used to be so vulgar."

No shit Sherlock was my response.

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