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Williesmom posted 4/13/2014 15:02 PM

Someone that I met on OLD a couple of years ago emailed me today. I don't know if he remembered me or not.

I asked him why he never contacted me for a second date ( always trying to improve, you know). He said that he liked me, but didn't feel that we were looking for the same things.

We had a nice conversation. Will I hear from him again? Who knows?

little turtle posted 4/13/2014 15:26 PM

Why would he contact you today, years later, if he didn't feel you guys were looking for the same things? What's changed?

ETA: There was a guy I had plans to meet when I was dating. He canceled a few days before the date because he didn't want to date someone with kids... even though he knew about the kids prior to making the date and said that he dated a girl with kids before. A month or so later, he asked me out again. I turned him down with the excuse that I still have kids.

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Williesmom posted 4/13/2014 19:56 PM

I think he recently got out of a relationship. I don't know if he remembered me or was hitting on me anew. Whatever.

cayc posted 4/13/2014 20:17 PM

And this is why I block any guy who winks & I'm not interested, emails weird shit, doesn't respond to my initial email, or poops out after a few emails etc. No second chances because it's just so odd if they contact you again.

The only exception is the guy who says, hey I'm taking down my profile b/c I'm dating someone (or something similar) because you never know and if they circle back, that's ok.

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