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Am I being petty?

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lilacs40 posted 4/13/2014 17:53 PM

Since we told the kids today there were a couple things I told STBXH.

I told him that I will no longer be doing his laundry and I don't expect he should do mine. I also told him that I would not be paying the bills that are in his name (meaning car insurance cc bills) but that I would continue to pay the household bills. I also told him that he should find out what we need to do to separate our cell phone bill.

After I thought about it I told him he should think about opening his own checking account (I did this yesterday) since he will not be able to just take off my name of the existing one. That I thought her both should deposit the larger portion of our checks into the household account and keep the rest to deposit in our own personal ones.

He did not come out and tell me but I know he thinks I am being mean and spiteful. I tried to explain that he doesn't want me to be his wife so I will no longer do wifely things.

Am I just being petty? I was going to tell him he needed to move his clothes from the room we used to share but figured THAT was going too far.

tesla posted 4/13/2014 18:04 PM

You are getting divorced, no? Does he not get what that means?? You are not being petty.
In fact, you ought to designate how much should be put into the household account to cover household expenses. Make sure you L knows all this so it can be incorporated into temporary orders until your D is final.

sunsetslost posted 4/13/2014 18:58 PM

lilacs, that's exactly the right thing to do. Take care of the business stuff and take care of your future. Try not to feel any guilt over it. It's gotta be done

suckstobeme posted 4/13/2014 19:08 PM

Right, because having an A and ruining your family is not nearly as mean and spiteful as refusing to wash underwear and share every penny you earn.

I agree that this is exactly what needs to be done. This is his reality now. Too bad if he doesn't like it. He created it.

Notsignificant posted 4/13/2014 19:17 PM

Not at all. Part of him being a big boy is getting his own checking account and finding a place to store his clothes. My husband has all of his clothes stored in a tiny little corner of our already crowded spare bedroom next to his old lumpy futon. Do I feel bad? Nope.

courageous posted 4/13/2014 20:24 PM

Not petty at all. He probably just had an idea in his head about what life would be like after divorcing. He is upset that you didn't follow his script. This is just a taste of what is to become. Be prepared for him to get angry and nasty with you because of it.

freeatlast72 posted 4/13/2014 20:42 PM

No, not petty!

I told my STBXH that this is not a friendship....this is a divorce!

What do they expect? That divorce is going to be a piece of cake and everything will be perfect for them?

dmari posted 4/13/2014 22:15 PM

Ok ~ I'm making it unanimous ... you are NOT being petty!! I mean, what was he expecting? For you to continue to wipe his ass too? This is just reality ... that's it. You NEED to look after you. That is your responsibility. He is an adult and this is part of the consequences of his actions. You are doing beautifully!! Hang in there!

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