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Wash Your Hands! Who knew..this triggered me bad!

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LoveActually posted 4/14/2014 11:53 AM

On Friday night my husband and I set out to look for a karaoke machine for an upcoming party. We hit some major stores and struck out...last stop luck either. When we got home I was putting my purse down, kicking off my shoes. My husband said..."Wash you hands we were just at Walmart..lots of germs on the cart, gross." Well, for some reason that statement made me see RED. I turned to him and said, "Wow, if only you had been that concerned with germs before you flew to Vegas and f***ed basically a stranger for three days without protection." That set off a HUGE knock down drag out. He said..wait for it..."It's been five years get over it already..." Yep, he went there. He also got to sleep on the couch. Sometimes, I am just so surprised at how much rage I still have that comes up like a volcano--and I mean out of nowhere. I had been feeling really strong lately. We hadn't had any sort of argument affair or non-affair in months. I hate when IT creeps up on me like that and ruins my night. I gave "it" power and I hate when I do that more than anything. We talked about it the next morning and ended up having a really great weekend, so that's the good news. It just really bugs that five years later "it" can still punch me in the gut when I least expect it.

Christala posted 4/14/2014 13:30 PM

This is something that would trigger me badly too. The smallest comment not even about his infidelity can send me off the rails. Hugs to you. :(

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