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Is that So bad?

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APRIL2008 posted 4/14/2014 17:15 PM

I was having a converstion with a girlfriend this weekend and she tells me I fall in love with all the guys I go out with...that insulted me!! but I had to analize it.
I have been on many dates with many guys but really have only developed deeper conection with about 5 of them. We start off with constant contact go out for a bit develope some sort of reltionship and then things just kind of start to fade out then its nothing for a few months. I havent really ended in bad terms with any of them we kind of just loose interest. Then one way or another I end up having a friendship with them. We contact eachother here and there and see eachother once in a while.
Well it seems like whenever I see them I feel somethign for them I wouldn't say love, but I feel like I care for them. I feel like each and everyone of them has somethign I like something I adore about them and can't help look at them with googly eyes everytime I see them. Several of my friends make fun of that becouse they state that when I see one of these guys my face lights up and I look like Im on cloud 9.
I enjoy their company I enjoy the moment and treasure all of them. I just can't help it.
Now is that So bad?

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better4me posted 4/14/2014 18:00 PM

So your friend says "all of them" and you think it is only 5 of them. And you admit that you do have feelings of caring for these five and that you get "googly eyed" when you see them. What are your actions when you see them? Do you act according to your values? Sounds like your friend challenged you to look at your behavior, you've done so, and have decided you are acting how you want to act and in your best interests.

If so, then I would take your friend's observations for what they're worth--just a bit of information to mull over. As long as you are acting in your best interests when you see them, I'd say there isn't anything wrong with that kind of friendship! Stay true to yourself!

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