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User Topic: Jump, and the net will appear
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Default  Posted: 2:50 PM, April 16th (Wednesday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

So, i had this crazy nut of a professor in college and this was her motto. She was an inspiration for sure, but she was also a fearless nut LOL.

She jumped off the perverbial cliff all the friggen time, and every single time it would work for her. Every.time.

With that said - I really wish i could jump off this cliff i have looked off of all my life really. The dairy production has come to an end. We have sell the cows, the sooner the better...and then that's it. I knew that my connection to the farm was great, but this is really hurting my heart. For years I have always wished that i had been little older when my uncle started to pass it over to a cousin (uncle had no children).

Now, that cousin has run an 85 year old farm, built by pretty much just my uncle, into the ground and they have to sell.

In my bones, I know i am suppose to be on that land, it sounds selfish and weird, but when I am on that farm, I am home.

The cliff that I want to jump off feels completely unattainable and crazy, but I want to first make it an equine hotel/travel stop for people going long distances and hauling a horse. There are a minimum of 50 acres of pasture that can be divided into fields, and with some sweat, friends, and a lot of concrete we can convert the current milking barn into 20 stalls, or in order to accomodate drafts, 15.

The current milk house would be the office, once the actual holding tank is sold, and the barn area that is connected to it would become an area where you could lock up tack if you were going to be there for more then just a night.

The OTHER cliff - along the same to create a Rescue Rescue - we would rescue horses and rehibilitate, and then use this process to help rehibilitate at risk youths and adults.

I haven't really nailed down the niche i am interested in because while I think it would be easier to just work with veterans and their families, it leaves out a huge chunk of inner city kids that could really use the program.

between my husband an I we have connections to almost everything from counselers, to trainers, to programs just like this but with dogs. We would basically make ourselves a tool for other programs to use as a part of their process as well.

And really the only thing holding both of these ideas back is money. We need it to start up anything, and we don't have the ability to generate it.

I have been working on the business plan for both lines of thought, but then, i am not sure where to go after that.

Anyway - DH is beyond on board with it. He has parolees that would even benefit from somthing like this and he's all over me jumping too LOL.

Not sure where all that was going but - I feel like I need to jump, but damn it - what happens if the net doesn't show up?

Me: 32 MH
Him: 39 MH
New online find 6/19/14 - shit
Phone Find 11/21/14 - I can't even right now.
1/26/15 - Started IC for me, DH won't go.

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Happy  Posted: 4:10 PM, April 16th (Wednesday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

The problem with jumping is that we always make sure there is a net there before we do....having said that I know that you can't just "go for it" and say "oh well that sucked" when it is your life and livelyhood. What about looking at someone with an exsisting business of that sort and see if they are interested in partnering up and having a new space to work out of? Are there "grants", or such that you could tap into? Is there someone out there looking to do the same that could help come up with the needed start up money?
All sound like an excellent idea, but I would suggest you "fine tune" it to what you really want to do, and put the effort/energy into doing that....
Good luck...keep us posted....HUGS

You can't reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday's junk.......Louise Smith

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Default  Posted: 5:24 PM, April 16th (Wednesday), 2014View ProfileEdit MessagePrivate MessageHomepage

I totaly get where you are comming from. My husband and I recently "jumped" ourselves. I am quitting my job, we are selling our house and we are moving to Tennesse...from California. No friends there no realitives. Just packing up and moving. We have put on offer on a beautiful..picturesq 7acre piece of property that has a pond, 2 creeks and a spring. Never have I lived anywhere but in the desert. Never have I had a garden or horses or chickens. I can not wait!!!(Uh oh I think I theard jacked..not my intention. Sorry ) Back to the point. I know how you feel. We don't have a complete net yet but I think the closer we get the fuller the net becomes.
I say go for it!!
Get a bank loan/business loan whatever it takes.
Oh there is an app called Kickstarter. It is to raise money for new idea's/products/businesses. I don't know all the details but it might be worth checking out.
Good Luck!

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