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My gut was right!

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Faithful w/Love posted 4/16/2014 15:52 PM

As you all know, I moved back home and had a feeling he was cheating again but I was not sure except in my gut. Well today he confirmed that he was talking to someone but not OW. So this is OW #2 (if it is actually not the OW#1). Said he is not trying to hurt me and he stopped contact with this woman.

Here is what hurts.
I had my own place...
I was at peace...
I moved back home 5 months ago...
2 weeks after moving back he started his pattern of being a WH.
He denied denied denied.
Talking about divorce all the time..
Its not going to work....
All we do is fight.....
Now the truth is out and I am not in a state of confusion...

How can someone bring me home just to do it again?
Its like he wanted to hurt me on purpose....
He could have left me alone and I could have kept my own place.....


justinpaintoday posted 4/16/2014 16:09 PM

I am so sorry. The level of selfishness is unbearable.

Faithful w/Love posted 4/16/2014 16:09 PM

This is a special kind of EVIL!

Nature_Girl posted 4/16/2014 16:20 PM

I am so sorry. What a thoughtless, careless, cruel thing to do to you.

The silver lining here is that you now know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you should have confidence in yourself and what you believe you know.

momentintime posted 4/17/2014 01:41 AM

It was the challenge for him. Once you were back, he reverted to his true self. Live and learn.

SBB posted 4/17/2014 04:45 AM

Once you've seen under the mask it is terribly difficult for you and for him to keep putting it back into place.

His goal wasn't growth or healing - it was to reopen the bakery.

Live and learn - better now than a decade from now.

The cruelty is astonishing - the sad clown morphed back into the parasite that he is within 2 short months of False R - his idea of R was rugsweeping and promises to not fuck anyone else again. He was offended I didn't trust him to slip slide on that slippery slope as he has always done.

He said to me "I can't be in an M without trust" - I burst out laughing in his face and said "Me either dude, me either".

The he hoovered me to the point of madness - I was a complete shell of a person. Only then was his job done. I'll never understand it and I no longer care to. His complete lack of remorse was a gift - it forced my hand well before had the strength or courage to free myself.

I am not looking forward to the day that he gives it another crack. I fear he will never stop. He'll appear like he grim reaper every few years until I can block him completely from my life when my girls are grown. I predict he'll then play the poor me victim for them because the nasty XW won't give him a fourth chance.

I would rather sew it up.

Faithful - you gave it everything you could but you simply cannot R on your own. The sooner you evict this guy from your heart and mind the better. Find your anger, girl!!

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